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New Blog - A World with Consequences

Check out the latest Blog guys!

Let me know your thoughts and questions.



  • Nice Boss!

    I want to ask questions, but also don't want to dampen the element of surprise and anticipation...but I want to know now, but don't too.
    I am going to ask...No, I won't!

    Grrrrr, damn you! LOL

    If I start having bad dreams about this Troll, I shall be back! :)
  • Looks great @steven!!!
  • @Steven, thank you for the update and new info! I really like the emphasis that's being put on lore as well as the commitment to making the world as non-static as possible. Ashes of Creation is at the top of my wishlist/watchlist!
  • Great blog. This game almost seems too good to be true.
  • Looks good. It was a nice read.

    My only suggestion would be, if possible, to have the embedded videos suggest only other ashes content once they have finished playing.
  • Damn, that is simply awesome!
    The idea of a player-driven story is something that I don't think I've seen in MMOs. Not to any considerable extent anyway. It'll be great to see how it will interact with the game-driven story from the devs.
  • So there is a chance we will see mountainmimic titans sleeping for aeons until we dig them a little to hollow and the whole "mountain" decents on us?
    I dig it.! <pun intended no matter how lame it is!!!, fight me!>
  • So quick question. While I enjoyed all of the read, this part of "bridges to connect new areas" caught my eye.

    Does this mean there will be islands/mountains to tunnel through/etc that are already in game and mapped/fully playable but that we have no access to until we as players find a way to get there?
  • <img src="" alt="Header of the blog post" />

    In case if this map is real, I'd imagine there would be a node on that little "I" shaped island and if the node develops (well) enough, it could connect the lands that are on left and right side and it could be a new pathway for the caravan runs.

    I'm not saying it's a confirmed thing, I'm just saying it would be a great thing to have :P
  • Such amazing Vlog! It looked too long to read so I made siri read it out for me :D But I like the idea and concept of the world of Ashes, it sounds neat :D Thanks for the vlogs and updates Steven, and of course everyone in Interpid :D
  • [quote quote=5114]Great blog. This game almost seems too good to be true.


    This is what scares me. I looks too good to be true. But I think that is a great thing. After launch it will be about continued execution of those goals. If it doesn't it will end up like Wildstar. So much hype. Followed by so much frustration.
  • I am honestly too excited for this...and also apprehensive. I am afraid that, as others have said, it sounds too good to be true! The possibilities...ahhhhh my mind is going to melt. :)
  • I love MMO's, always find myself playing one. Whether I take a break and play some random arena fighting or shooter, I just miss the MMO genre and find myslef playing one. The thing is that when i play a MMO, I feel like what I'm doing is somewhat unimportant. In the case of , you get a quest from an npc ( and many other players also talking to the same npc ) that gives you a story about how this monster have been terrorizing their village and it lives in a cave not to far away. You go to this cave and its already dead ( waiting for the boss to respond along with others that got the same quest ). Then you get you chance to kill it. Its not always bad but still get that "Did i really save this village?" feeling.

    Hopefully what i just read will be able to break that feeling i get when i play this game. Like that npc that need that monster killed can't give you the quest because someone has already took the job. Maybe the player who took the quest gets killed and cant complete the job. Now that monster is mad and comes to that town and terrorize it once again causing that npc to put a other request for someone to kill it at it's cave. and this keeps happening until a player actually kills it and clam what the npc would give if it was fulfilled. Now that monster is gone and there is no quest until some different monster that " roamed " in the area much later which starts a guest again but this time the monster is not killing people but tainting their waters or eating their crops.

    This is all an example and my be to good to be true, but when i read that, that was the feeling i got :)
  • Hi, I just started watching this game and I, like others, don't want to get too excited too soon. From what I've seen and read, the game plan is something I have been hoping for in an MMO for a while and the gameplay videos are gorgeous especially given it's pre-alfa. I love the idea of some risk in everything we do as well.

    Just some thoughts:

    An ever changing landscape sounds awesome and interesting but how will it impact a new player who may start the game well after launch?

    I would love to see some kind of organic means to developing characters other than the standard talent trees, etc. For instance explorers happening on some obstacle (randomized so not everyone rushes to it once it's known) that once overcome awards them with a special skill / ability / enhancement that truly makes them unique.

    Or a farmer type character who gains some valuable strength from working the fields for so long.

    Or a chronic griefer running the risk of being afflicted with a permanent debuff.

    These are just simple examples. I would just love to see some surprises and unknowns throughout my journey and well into endgame rather than seeing the same old scenes, cookie cutter builds, and mounds of players piled up on the one NPC that everyone needs, etc.

    *Edit to clarify: The other means of developing characters would be in addition to standard talent trees, etc. Not in place of them.
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