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[NA] Synergy | Semi-Hardcore PvP+PvX | Alpha 1+| Caravans, Guild Wars, Sieges| Node Progression

BrokenEnglishmanBrokenEnglishman Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
Who are Synergy
Synergy is a semi-hardcore guild being formed for Ashes of Creation that intends to mainly focus on PvP while not ignoring the rest of the game. Our guild is made of a group of players who have been playing online games together for many years as well as some newer friends. We cerrently spend many hours in Guild Wars 2, especially WvW(Large Scale PVP), and have played and are playing many other games as well.

Our Plans
A few of our Leaders and officers are currently learning about the game in Alpha 1 and we will have many more joining in Alpha 2. We intend to continue growing our numbers, learning the game, and solidifying our plans as the testing phases go on.

Our tentative plans for the game are to find a node we like, make it our home, and then to make ourselves indispensable to that node’s community. We plan on being heavily involved in PvP with daily PvP events either fighting in guild wars, hunting down caravans, hunting corrupted players, naval combat, etc.

What we are looking for
-Mature, friendly, competitive players
-Players who will be active in game and on our discord
-Players who have similar interests and goals as the guild

What we are currently playing
Guild Wars 2 with 15 man WvW runs every night.
Alpha 1

Contact information
If you are looking for a guild and any of this interests you, feel free to join our discord or send one of our leaders a message and we would be happy to talk to you about the guild. Also, if you are a representative from another guild who wants to talk, join our discord and take the diplomat role or hit up one of our leaders.

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