Spaceships + Neon + Synthwave + AOC + MOCAP = A1 review comes out from a wormhole from the past.

Professor De MontfortProfessor De Montfort Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
From far far away, somewhere in the deep cold space and lost in time, Professor Demontfort, reviewing the best of Ashes of Creation - Alpha 1.
Join the spaceship from the past, for a brand new experience!

Greetings friends! Its been a long since my last video because I was working on this project. It took me months to design and program this spaceship studio. My original design was a much, much simpler and smaller version, and I'm very happy that I made it to this stage. The only reason I push myself and make videos is that I'm excited about this community. Is a very different video, but I hope you enjoy it <3

Have a lovely day,

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