Alpha 1 Combat Concerns [The call to abandon hybrid combat]

JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
Video 2 in the Jahlon Series of Concerns about Alpha 1. This one on Combat, and this

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    In the event they do decide to just stick with one type of combat from my understanding of the game,

    I personally would prefer action combat but, due to the mechanics and potential for more class diversity, the tab targeting may be more user friendly. With the feedback about changing the combat back to a "floaty" style, it definitely reminds me more of WoW which is also very user friendly. It definitely feels more like a chase and keep swinging style of game. I just hope it does not turn into the burst damage combat that is retail wow.

    If that attack style becomes what they decide to go with, then it definitely feels like the community is trying to push for tab targeting more to have that familiarity with wow. I also feel many players from wows community are potentially interested in this game due to similarities so they would want it to be what they're use to.

    To me, they could just dial back how "aggressive" the movement is forward with the current action combat.
    I'm good either way, I'm quite adaptable when it comes to gaming. Additionally, they could do as you said and dial back the split body as well.

    Ironically, even retail wow has more of an action RPG feel to it than what it use to be just with tab targeting restrictions to abilities and burst damage as you require a target and have to be in range for abilities to be performed.

    Tab targeting is also a very mainstream style due its longer presence in the MMORPG industry from lack of technological capacities at the time.

    Tab targeting just feels old to me and less exciting and less engaging, but it can be the more user friendly because of many mainstream mmo's going with it other than wow.
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    Tab targeting = easier work load, less unique game
    Hyrbid =future of mmorpg's, big spectrum for future potential.
    Action combat = more demanding work load, less mainstream.

    For them to "abandon" hybrid combat for tab targeting would give them more resources to focus on other parts of the game but it's one less special thing about the game that would make it stand out.

    The things that make this game stand out to me are:
    hybrid combat, node system, animal husbandry, PvX player market, crafting and larger scale pvp.
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    BeaucheeBeauchee Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Adopting an Enhance Tab Targeting system sounds really good to me if we could have the option to disable the forward motion when attacking or removing it entirely at least for the basic melee attacks.
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