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[SEA/Oceanic][GMT+8/10] Synapse - SYN - Recruitment

RitsukoRitsuko Member
edited August 25 in OCE Guild Recruitment
Formed since 2011, Synapse is based in the SEA/Oceanic GMT+8 time zone and serves as a long-term MMORPG community for:
  • Passionate gamers for life
  • Top gaming talents in the SEA region and beyond
  • Hardcore PvPers who wish to play together with skilled team-mates in an organized environment
  • MMO veterans whose former guilds have disbanded and are looking for a permanent home
We have played competitively in PvP/RvR-centric game modes of past MMORPGs such as Aion, Guild Wars 2, Age of Wushu, ArcheAge, The Elder Scrolls Online and have always maintained as the #1 Oceanic guild through PvP/RvR prowess. We are currently playing Crowfall as the #1 Oceanic guild on rankings and definitely plan to move into Ashes of Creation when it's close to release.

If you're looking for an established SEA/Oceanic guild with like-minded players and drama left at the door:

If you wish to chat before applying, drop me a message on discord: Eggsuko#3926

We're also looking for small scale PvP enthusiasts regardless of time zone.
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