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Player quality vs player quantity, the influence of each for development aid

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We are not all the same MMO players and thank God that is so

Typical hater who has experience or not in MMOs
AoC is an MMO scam, it never manages to fulfill everything it promises, it is too ambitious, and if it succeeds it will not be able to last a year since it would be a very complicated MMO.

MMO gamer hoping for a good MMO
I understand that AoC is an ambitious project, which needs time, dedication and a lot of effort, I see that the developers and Intrepit team are working with passion and striving to develop their goals. I will be attentive to the progress and when I can I will help you with feelbacks or discussing topics in the forum, reddit or discord since I also want those AoC ideas to be fulfilled or improved

In a perfect MMO world we would have all MMO players with the same vision, the same goal and pushing to help make the MMO better, but happily it is not like that since an MMO needs all kinds of players so that it can be nurture from the different positive and negative characteristics, learn and improve/decline based on what the developers/team do.

Within the different classes of players that exist in MMOs (Casuals ,Hardcore,RPG,PVP,PVE, Competitive,etc), these would be grouped into quality players and quantity players. These are the two groups that nurture the MMO with their positive and negative characteristics.

1-Quality players
  • Squeeze the experience created by the developers
  • Bring a positive/negative atmosphere to the MMO
  • Support the development of the game by contributing logical/consented/critical feedback
  • Promote the MMO or destroy it
  • Generate competitiveness inside and outside the MMO
  • Contribute to generating a population more faithful to the MMO
  • Contribute to the generation of content or improving it in their own way


2-Quantity players
  • Give the MMO the highest monetary profit
  • Don't experience the full MMO experience
  • Consider that the MMO must have characteristics that adapt to them for their own benefit
  • Support the development of the game by feedback
  • Provide the necessary amount of population for the MMO
  • Help developers with ideas that in most cases should not be implemented/used


Taking into account that the two groups have both positive and negative characteristics that are necessary for the MMO to generate a suitable environment to establish and improve , it should also be taken into account that the key is knowing how to balance that population through the development of the MMO.
  • If there is more quality population then there will be scarcity of the characteristics of quantity population
  • If there is more population of quantity than quality, the MMO would be destined to fail even if it generates what is necessary to maintain itself economically

This is where the most important group of an MMO comes in, the guardians who protect, balance and care for the MMO, the developers.

It is thanks to the developers that the MMO may have the ability to generate an environment conducive to the players bringing them to life, but of course they also depend on what the study house/company/corporation decides for that MMO, it has already been seen what happens if the corporation decides to prefer to have more earnings than quality of game. If the house of study/ company/corporation decides they are in tune with a balanced growth for the two groups of players, (quality / quantity), then the developers would have the ability to be able to express all their passion, ideas for the MMO.

Having these points clear, you have to understand something very important that concerns all groups of players.
The developers are not obliged to do everything that the community asks of them, whether this community is the majority group (quantity) or the minority group (quality) .

The player adapts to the MMO not the MMO to the player, if it were the opposite then we would have a meaningless MMO where it would not have a personality, its own soul and would definitely lose its own essence.The developers feed on the feedback, ideas, criticisms, complaints, from the players to translate into the MMO what they consider should be optimal for the players.

Developers should not be influenced in the vast majority by pressure from any type of community group of players, although this seems contrary to what is customary in the video game industry.
, for example:

  • If an MMO doesn't design what the majority of the audience wants, then that MMO is destined to die.
  • If the gaming philosophy of the MMO is not compatible with the gaming philosophy of the majority of players in the community then the MMO will die quickly.
  • If you ignore the vast majority of players then the MMO will lose the vast majority of its audience

The best MMO or video game projects have their own essence, they are the best because they work based on what they consider to be their idea and they attract the attention of their public due to their quality, differentiation, originality, unique content, challenges, atmosphere. , etc.

When the developer has a great idea, works it, polishes it, improves it and manages to create an environment that exploits the qualities of that idea then the population of players will come by itself or it could be a resounding failure, it is up to the developer to decide what path choose.

For this reason, it is that in recent years we have seen clear examples of generic MMOs, which have no soul, do not have a meaning, have no passion, they are only created to please a large majority of players who do not usually stay in it MMO for a long time and for which the MMO ends up dying or becoming an F2P MMO with P2W model.

Darksoul is what it is thanks to the ideas that its creators / developers had to create a game that is a real challenge, like DAoC, Lineage2, WOW vanilla, HALO, CupHead, GW, etc.

Thanks to the effort of its developers and work team (as Intrepit is doing now), and because of the vision they had, respecting it and fighting / striving to create it, they managed to create something unique, which did not need to please the vast majority of players but rather showed those majorities the quality of creation / development and consequently the vast majority of players began to play it.

This in no way defines that players cannot comment on an idea that they do not like, but quite the opposite, if a developer is very professional and competent, he will be able to understand that any idea, be it good or bad, is a tool to get inspired and get new ideas. Therefore, the player who wants to support with ideas, feedback or criticize the ideas of the developer must do so since in that way he is supporting the MMO (in this case AoC).

If you have any doubts, criticisms, ideas, queries or know people who have them and think that they could influence the AoC developers in a bad way then you are underestimating them. The best thing you could do is give them feedback, even if it's bad or not, in the end good developers will know how to take advantage of those ideas.

Do what you want but be strong enough to accept the consequences of it
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