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Keep flying mounts something your average player won't ever get. They ruin world pvp and immersion.

It is my understanding, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that flying mounts will only be available for a select few. Node mayors and leaders and a few others like that.


I sincerely hope the AoC devs won't give in to the same temptation Blizzard did in 2007.

Don't give the masses flying mounts.

It would make the world feel small.; When traveling is fast and easy, the world just feels tiny because it is tiny in such a scenario.

It would make the world empty and the game autistic. When everybody is in the stratosphere alone, the world feels dead, world pvp is greatly reduced and finding random people to play with and befriend in the open world is just a rarer thing.

Of course most people would totally vote for flying mounts being available.
But that category of people is why we can't have nice things. Its just like with voting and real life.
Its just like with cash shops, masses of players using them and cash shops ruining the game competitivity and immersion.

Its a classic case of ''you think you do but you don't''.

Sure, the first memories and impressions with flying would be great.

But it would utterly ruin world pvp, socializing and world immersion, just like it did in WoW and once you give your kid a toy, you just can't take it back. Once this mistake is made, its made. Its like posting something on the internet, if it's on the internet, it's on the internet, it's out for good, you're not going to take it back.

So yeah, please don't give in to player pressure, keep flying very limited.

This doesn't mean there can't be certain maps or scenarios (for example ship battles... maybe you can have an ''griffonaviary-carrier'' ship for example) where flying can be used.

Just don't make it readily available.


  • I personally think that this is best achieved through stuff which belongs to a position a player holds.
    Think mayor. You're out of position - you lose the toys obviously. However, in my estimation it's most fair approach to handling out excusive stuff. While also making it transparent and in theory available for everyone to get.
  • I'm sure Steven will take the approach that lineage 2 has with flying mounts since he's a fan of that game.
    In lineage 2 flying mounts were for a selective few and it was ok for everybody else. He has many times mentioned that "not everybody gets an award" so he will stick to having few each server.
  • I agree. Flying mounts led to everyone just sitting afk and ignoring each other. Hope they don't change their mind.
  • I’m installing a dwarvish windlass atop my freehold, just in case.
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