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[EU] Adventurers Guild | PVE | CET | Casual | 21+

GorNaBarGorNaBar Member
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The Adventurers Guild


  • Time-zone: UK & EU
  • Playstyle: PVE / Casual
  • Age Factor: 21+
  • Focus: Friendly small group of older gamers

About Us

Newly founded guild by four (old) casual gamers from the UK , Germany, Netherlands and Romania, we are seeking to slowly build up a small group to enjoy games with. Our main games will be New World and Ashes of Creations. But we do jump in other games as well.


Our playstyle is mainly PVE of course everyone is free to engage in PVP activities.

We hope to welcome

Mature minded and above all friendly people that want to enjoy games and social aspects more so then power leveling and rushing through games. A pressure free environment where we organize ourselves based on mutual respect rather then ranks. Where people are seeking team play, help each other with quests and crafting. The aim is to have a small group of about 30 members.

Our goals in the land of Verra

* Central located
* Obtain Freehold plots
* Planned PVE activities
* Home for Gatherers & Crafters
* Support our chosen Node with trade and safeguarding caravans

Our goals in the land of Aeternum

* Central located
* Group Questing and Dungeons
* Great group for Gatherers & Crafters
* Support each other where needed



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