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[EU] Vikings | PVP PVE |

mokwhymokwhy Member
edited September 2021 in EU Guild Recruitment
"We are the Vikings.
We are and PVP/PVE and do raids.
We are planning to do siege’s and run or destroy cities.
We will hunt down bounties and get rich.

But we all so group together and have fun.
We help our guild members, we are Vikings.
We are one family.
Come and join us and raid and get rich.
And fight with honor."

(Guild website soon discord is up and running still working on twitch)


  • mokwhymokwhy Member
    edited September 2021
    Twitch: (please follow me)
    Guild website: (its not great but a start)
  • You know what is funny in a way ? Vikings were Pirates before the Term and Name "Pirates" was even used.

    And since the World of Ashes of Creation will have Naval Battle - You can be safely sure that You as a Viking-styled Player WILL definitely get everything you want.

    You can give your best to get a Node like around the more Viking/nordish-kind of Area's - and do Piracy-like Naval Battle in the Sea's around.

    Kinda like Skellige from the Witcher Series. I think this would be a good Comparison. >;-]
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