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Is it possible to get an access ?

Hello to the community, well i was just wondering if it is possible to get an access to play the game ? I'm kind off following news about the game since 2017 and i'm really thrilled to be able to try this brand new kind of evolutive game.
It could be beneficial for both parties, i would be able to immerse in your universe and i will give accurate and detailed backup about problems i could encounter during the adventure to help you a bit to find bugs/glitches.

I know that it is kind off bold to ask it, but without even trying who knows !

Thank you very much for at least reading.



  • Song_WardenSong_Warden Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    You can only get access through a package. You could get A2 or B1 and B2 access. I don't think A1 access can be obtained now. You would have to pay, you can also upgrade your package at a later date if you want to, but, not beyond the highest package available at a given time.
  • maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hi Tatriche!
    Welcome back from 2017

    The alpha1 testing window ended August 15.
    There are currently no announced dates for when Alpha 2 will begin, but I believe you can purchase Alpha2 or Beta access.
    If you're looking for a fun and polished game, I don't recommend purchasing alpha - it is still for testing basic systems.

    Announcements about testing dates are usually made on the Intrepid Website, but the community does a good job of organizing all that information here:
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