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AOC Ideas

Hello development team of AOC, i am an active MMORPG player in some games like Albion online, BDO and WOW, but i am also an active player of other types of games like MOBA's and cellphone games.

First of all i want to say that the project of Ashes of Creation seems amazing for me, after watching some videos about the game and reading a bunch of articles, i really think the game has a huge potential. After watching some videos of gameplay from the first alpha test i can say that the game is already amazing and can only go better with time!!

With that said, we can always improve and to improve you have to search and find new ideas, but how and where do you get those ideas from? well mostly players and other games i guess, so thats the why of this post for you.

I've been playing a cellphone game for the last 3 years, altought i never played any other cellphone game as long as this one, i can say that it is by far a really impressive game for cellphone platforms that could give you a lot of ideas maybe about city captures or the way territories could work for Ashes of Creation aswell as some other aspects of the game which i dont really know about yet (like caravan for example). I first of all tought about this game in specific because it has the same 3 letters as Ashes of Creation (AOC) but its named Art of Conquest, unlike Ashes of creation, Art of Conquest is clearly a big pay to win cellphone game but has a lot of potential in therms of strategy and development of a society.

I hope that this post will help you improving this amazing game that you are developing, and i hope some day i'll be able to play some playtest for alpha or beta, but i will definitely play the game when it launches.
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