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Guild Gathering #8 - App Integrations



  • JustVine wrote: »
    Unless you are a farmer gatherer main apparently

    I dunno. Even then, you'd only have to download the app if you were obsessively desperate to fully max all your waking hours into your farming. If you're content to not be the absolute best on the server, logging on each evening and sorting it in-game is a perfectly viable option. And given how horribly intrusive some game's notifications can be *shudders*, I can understand people who wouldn't want that!
  • Yours truly would enjoy:

    1) Seeing what officers and/or members are online via the app

    2) Being able to access the guild's calendar of events

    3) A message board and/or (typed) chat room

  • Nova OrdemNova Ordem Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    edited October 7
    Something else I'd like to see both on the app and on the website, is a way to show off our skins, like having an option to allow us to display our cosmetic inventory, same as we have on Steam, where people can see all our cosmetics.... this would give us early investors in ashes a way to flex all our cosmetics and i'm sure it would increase sales for intrepid as well, people like to buy stuff just so they can flex on their friends :)
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  • Treboreon wrote: »
    node notification about various things in your node such as siege warning or when the node levels up. other things like node chat app

    Ooh - how did I miss THIS?!

    YES YES YES to Siege Notifications!

    A discord would do just fine.
    If you are going to make an app, make sure it shows a 3d model of our characters. Otherwise, no point.

    And to this one, too! It'd be really, really cool to be able to show other people we meet who also play AoC our toons directly from an up-to-date app - as opposed to carrying around a screenshot of our characters. Not that I've done this - but I've seen plenty of phone-photos of computer screens that don't look so great.

    RAYZZ wrote: »
    Guild chat.
    Character inspection.
    We able to control bosses timers, castle siege etc. In case you wana have some off´time away pc and come back with perfect timing on the timed events.
    Map overview with node levels and some important content of your server, since each is different.
    (More features can be added but a lot of unkown systems for us and we can't develop

    Being able to still see/read/monitor guild-chat OUTSIDE of the game would be really handy!

    daveywavey wrote: »
    Specifically to integrate with guilds:

    1. Guild Chat
    2. Guild Event Calendar
    3. Invite/Kick
    4. Guild Bank logs
    5. Full member list with last login

    I'm loving the idea of the companion app, by the way, and am terrified of how addicted to it I'm going to be.

    I really enjoy the notion of being able to send an invite to someone who's wanting one, even if I can't be in-game.

    It would also be cool to see stuff from message boards on your nodes Town Hall.
    Maybe the trade or defense chat for the node you are a citizen of.

    Being able to select specific chats to be able to monitor out-of-game feels like a good idea. In fact, if they allowed us to report abusive/harassment/inappropriate behavior in chats would be like having FREE moderators watching your game's players' behavior.

  • Ravno wrote: »
    - Kill on sight list
    - Ability for a guild member to put his crafting profile as public so you can check who can craft what.

    These are both handy. Being able to immediately see a "banned" list would be great, and there's no harm in knowing who can craft what.


    1) Any in-game resource management or AH purchases. Maybe be able to SEE things like crop-growth status and to SEE the market while out-of-game - but to only be able to interact with these things while in-game.

    2) Voting for Mayor. If you're not playing, you shouldn't get a vote. MAYBE if you've logged into the game in the last 3 or 4 days. But otherwise? NO.

    3) Tracker showing locations of guild-members (adds a large load on back-end processes)

  • 2) Voting for Mayor. If you're not playing, you shouldn't get a vote. MAYBE if you've logged into the game in the last 3 or 4 days. But otherwise? NO.

    I agree with his truly.
  • This may have been mentioned already but the app could also have a mechanic where knowing certain “tiers” of information, such as specific server wide events, are made available only to guilds or individuals who have worked for it.
    Maybe a guild with a recent high technology rank or PvP score get certain “information perks” within the app.

  • MerekMerek Member
    Yes, please give my high-fantasy medieval game an iPhone app so I can track my characters leveling. Just what I always wanted. And don't forget to add the popup alerts for when a raid is available, so I don't actually play the game and only login for a 30 minute window everyday to do said raid, that'll really make the game feel alive!
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I'll just voice my support against the companion app actually allowing people to change the game world, other than chat and perhaps some guild management. Browse mode only for anything else. Character and inventory, freehold status, and whatever else, you need to log in to affect change.

    I don't want it so you can just use your app to do farming on your freehold while deep down in a dungeon or away on the other continent exploring. One of the biggest selling points of this game are the social interactions and encounters while people go about their business in the world. That whole "bringing the Massive back in MMOs" thing. You don't get that if people can do stuff ingame from the safety of their apps. Well, other than the chat thing. I see that as net plus for the social aspects of the game.
  • 3Snap3Snap Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    nonameftw wrote: »
    Don't make a fixed app. Just do:
    -API for third party programs that includes an Armory/Arsenal about Characters, Server Events (Notes or a Dungeon opening) and Guilds.
    - UI Addons. Let users create UI's.

    An API is a better catalyst for community engagement than a potentially mediocre phone app.

    This is the best way to do it tbh. Whenever a official app is made it's never as good as a community app
  • 3Snap wrote: »
    This is the best way to do it tbh. Whenever a official app is made it's never as good as a community app

    Hard disagree. I'd much rather have an official studio-made app.
  • HogutiHoguti Member
    edited October 19

    -Chat logs for guild chat in game: Sometimes drama happens and it is good to have access to that even when you are away from your PC.

    -Guild Chat access in real time: Who hates missing out on social time, I know I do.

    -Calendar access: Able to put up events on the go so all members can be notified when a raid, roleplay event, or siege will begin. This also could work as just a hang out time or community events.

    -Notifications: Sending out information to members is huge like when meetings will be, when someone is calling for help against a ganker, or if people are looking to group up or trade within the guild.

    -Officer chats: Only set for certain members to use.

    -Ability to promote or demote from your phone as sometimes GMs and officers do take vacations and it would be nice to be able to do some admin work from a distance.

    End quote.

    My additions would be a tool like a build calculator that lets you build out different talent tree and augment combination templates.

    Non-discord type guild chat access - just the in game chat; I don’t need to be flooded with memes.

    It would be cool to be able to fish/gather on an app without it ruining the economy. I stay in a lot of hotels and don’t travel with a PC.

    Node status.
    PvP stats.
    Ship stuff (don’t know enough about ocean play to opine)
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