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What type of character are you guys going for?

Mine is an old elven mage.
Your already dead...


  • SirChancelotSirChancelot Member
    edited September 2021
    Depends on a couple of things.
    What kind of things can I make with tulnar options, if I can make a dragonkin looking dude, or a Drow probably one of those. Otherwise I'm bouncing back and forth between a py'rai elf summoner and a ren'kei orc tank, I want to play test them all first.
  • Depends on what abilities and stats will pop up. Probably a lance user bard.

    U.S. East
  • Probably a young Orc Vek Necromancer.
  • i'm boring. A Kaelar Human Knight, focusing on the Tank/Ranger archetypes to create a Warden. I envision my character as a kind of knight-errant with a focus on preserving nature in some form.
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    @LieutenantToast we need a merge for these. They are fun but we only need one.

    Here goes.

    Ill make a Kaelar with heavy armor and twin swords.
    My focus would be a build to overcome random open world PvP encounters and I will count on my inrl friends and the guild we will join to carry me like a princess for pve xp and mats gathering.

    Depending on which class looks better and plays better, Ill go with either fighter/fighter, fighter/tank or fighter/rogue.
  • Looking at a nature-based Dwarf Summoner.
    Unsure which Class-combination would get me as close as possible to summoning a treant to tank for me XD
  • Saljourn wrote: »
    Looking at a nature-based Dwarf Summoner.
    Unsure which Class-combination would get me as close as possible to summoning a treant to tank for me XD

    Or Rock Golem!
  • ptitoineptitoine Member
    edited September 2021
    I was thinking of en Empyrean Elf High Priestress (Cleric/Cleric) in a religious node where I can max religious reputation
  • Vaelune fighter/ tank focusing on polearm. Based on the Aeil race from The Wheel of Time book series that is also getting a tv show release this November. Of course this really depends on the balance of the game, might go a different secondary archetype if tank secondary doesn't let me be an offtank/ tank assist or there are better options when it comes to pvp. I would also go a different weapon if other weapons are better. Would love to have a bow as a ranged weapon if it is feasible to have a ranged secondary weapon, maybe to poke people from ranged and pull mobs.
  • Definitely gonna be a Vek and I'm usually a tank or fighter in games but rouges seem really interesting
  • Dunir guardian w/e route can crowdcontrol in pvp in order for my dps and heals to have more uptime.
  • Teh sneaky, backstabbin' Py'Rai Assassin ..hello my name is d33pz 🙃
  • Tulnar nightspell rogue/mage
  • I'll be making a Tulnar Summoner (most likely necromancer) who has a mount/pet business (animal husbandry) that has been in the family since before they were forced into going underground after being left behind when the gates to Sanctus shut off and now with people returning to Verra it's time for his family business to return to the surface in order to expand to a brand new customer market as the friendly neighberhood necromancer pet/mount store owner.
  • pyrealpyreal Member, Warrior of Old
    edited September 2021
    Dunir Cleric.
    Dunir sword & board Fighter.

    I like running two chars at once, lets me have a change of pace.
  • Hi,

    i am generaly interested in the following:

    1) Fighter / Cleric (death augments); Fighter/ Mage (teleport + cc) ; Fighter / Rogue (Stun with mace?)
    2) Rogue / Cleric (death augments) ; Rogue /Mage (teleport + cc) ;
    3) Summoner / Ranger (pets + ranged bow + support ????)

    Can´t wait for apha2 to try what works for me ...

    4) Cleric / Rouge ... if i decide to heal
    5) Tank / Rouge ... ....

    The decision is realy hard .... :open_mouth:

    [Fleo Verum] Carolus Dynamicus - Py'rai - Rogue+Fighter
  • I am looking to be a monk. Not sure if that is a Cleric path or Rogue path.
  • Odal wrote: »
    I heard the aesthetics of one of the races is gonna be viking inspired, so probably go with that since im Swedish.

    Välkommen broder.
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