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Mobile App Idea

in the recent AoC Dev update video, steven mentioned the idea of a mobile app and immediately thought how useful the Rust+ mobile app was for that game. check it out here
the device tab from 3:40 onward is irrelevant to AoC, cause there are no electronics to remote control.

@1:50 it shows real time map tracking for you and your team/guild mates, not mentioned but it also notifies you when teammates die. this can help offline players keep track of what's going on in game. if say a guild pvp skirmish happens randomly in the world, players will get notifications of their teammates dying.
which brings me to the next tab @ 3:15 in the video, where you can communicate with your team/guild. ask what happen, if mistakes were made in a dungeon or a skirmish broke out and your guild/affiliates requires reinforcements.

if alliances are a thing it can take a partition of the chat tab, only available to leaders and higher ranked guild mates. ...although that level of restriction(by default) can be customized by the leaders.

last but not least, replace the devices tab to be able to organize scheduled events, this would be neat, especially for more casual guilds who aren't as demanding as to remote activate your phone and randomly yell at you at the dinner table. (looking at you steven >.>) jokes lol.
so as an example if you wanted to do a difficult dungeon and you have guild members who aren't online at consistent hours, you can have the guild leader/high ranked members schedule an event days in advance that all the members would see and have a more successful turn out. - there can be sub features to this tab, like being able to opt into the scheduled event and making the event available to alliances to opt in on. maybe be able apply restrictions. i.e. level or gear score restrictions.

this app as a whole can be useful and adds an incentive to establishing yourself as a guild rather then as a party of IRL friends partied up, or an individual craftsman. if you establish alliances as a guild of craftsmen between gatherers and hardcore pvp/pve guilds, you can more easily contact your preferred provider/buyer. or request reinforcements to accompany your caravan.
or if you are part of a guild that's reached end game and you're in an alliance with a lower level guild, which is being blocked from pve raids by a rival guild, the lower level guild can request reinforcements in chat, which is linked to players who are offline via the mobile app. ...or the guild leader of the end game guild can have notifications of the lower lever guild being wiped 10 deaths at a time and inquire about what is happening and offer assistance. or use the mobile app map and show up to help unannounced.

these are just some ideas of how this app can be utilized and being able to stay engaged with the game while out about your day IRL will help bolster activity from the players. hell as a hardcore gamer i'd pay for an app like this.
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