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New Player ... Looking to know when to buy in

This game looks amazing and I'm totally looking for a new virtual home. When should you buy into this? Is there a playable version now? Because it looks like the Merch changes and like i want the snail and the gargoyle but i also want something new to play with. Buying collectibles in a game you've never played for $400 is a big ask but I'm interested. Just let me know what the landscape looks like now?


  • George BlackGeorge Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    Right now it's just testing.
    There isnt much to play with.

    The $400 or $375 or $5863 6 99r
    are not product prices. They are support packets. Supporters get a few cosmetic skins and get to test the developing phases.
  • The game is still in Alpha, @PixieStarfire … another couple years before release at a minimum.

    The two main reasons to buy a pre-purchase pack are:

    a) You like everything you’ve seen so far in the game’s development and want to support it: Intrepid’s monthly YouTube updates, social media, Official Forums, Reddit, and content creator vids.

    b) You have an intense interest in testing the game’s core systems with Alpha and Beta key access.

    The game is coming along nicely … but at this stage Alpha players are doing the heavy lifting in terms of testing the core functionality and committing to honest feedback.

  • If you want to test an unfinished game and get some skins, buy it now.

    If not, wait.
  • MybroViajeroMybroViajero Member
    edited October 10
    @PixieStarfire hi bro :)

    If you want to buy some of the packages you should know this:
    • AoC Still in development, probably 3-5 years
    • Those packages include various options, from playtime when AoC comes out, unique cosmetics, unique accessories, etc.
    • Every month AoC presents new package designs where you can find different cosmetics, unique accessories.
    • If you want to play AoC experiencing a great diversity of content, it is best to wait for the betas or when AoC comes out . If you want to experience the development stage and see the growth of AoC from its Alpha 2 then buy it
    • There is a lot of support from the community, as the community sees Intrepid as the effort they are making to create something that they and the community are proud of.
    • In these last two years there have been many cases where they have called AoC a scam project, such as the charge of $ 500 for buying the Alpha 1 package or because they believe that AoC will be a terrible MMO , you will most likely find that information since the bad news is more publicized but Intrepid has shown with the passing of these 2 years that they are striving to create a quality product little by little.
    • Month by month they inform us about their progress, they show us their progress on stream, they try to acquire more and better personnel to enhance the project , for example Intrepid acquired former Elder Scrolls Online lead writer as new senior narrative designer.
    • They have a great leader Steven Sharif and a great team who are working with their feet firmly on the ground to know that they are not going to create the best MMO in history but that they are going to create something of which they are proud, if it comes to that whether or not to be the best MMO in history, only time will decide.
    • If you want to support AoC, give your experiences as an MMO player in the forums, reddit or discord, maybe some idea of ​​yours will be very useful.

    Many successes bro, welcome :)

    Do what you want, but be strong to accept the consequences of it
  • pyrealpyreal Member, Warrior of Old
    edited October 10
    That snail went forever into the unbuyable three days ago. There will be similar ones attainable in game but that red/green one can never be purchased again.
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 10
    Unless you absolutely *must* have the current skins now, I'd probably wait until A2 releases and then decide.
    I don't like the way they change the skins every month, never to come back, with no guarantee we'll be able to get something similar in the game at all. We don't even know what the freehold building skins they sell are going to be used for really.

    But I do believe in the game and the vision and how transparent they are about development. I went for it last year and haven't regretted it.

    Just please realize this is a real alpha test, that you currently can't play, and that when you can log in to test, it's not even close to the full game. It's gonna be buggy, incomplete and you can get wiped anytime if they deem it necessary, even if they try to minimize it. You can get burned out on the game before it even releases, depending on your approach and temper.
  • AoC Still in development, probably 3-5 years??????????

    three years ok, but not five is too much to wait i hope for 2023 release.
    more than 3 years of waiting will kill this game
  • NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    gaganu wrote: »
    AoC Still in development, probably 3-5 years??????????

    three years ok, but not five is too much to wait i hope for 2023 release.
    more than 3 years of waiting will kill this game

    releasing early will kill the game.

    Since there aren't really any competitors left in development, if Ashes releases in 2025 instead of 2023, you'll still play it.
  • ConradConrad Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Especially with a lot of Games being boring and monotone. Considering where Ashes is aiming and no assholes from publishers dictating any of their requirements or absolutes, we have a chance at a literal goldmine here
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