Open World and Stealth

Does this game have an open seamless world, instanced areas (SWTOR- GW2 -Albion), or a mix of the 2 (WoW-Rift)?

Is there steatlh in the game? If so, how does it work? Out of combat permastealth, as in WOW/Rift/Swtor, or short-timed as in GW2/Albion?

Thank you


  • As far as we have been told it's an open seamless world wit hinstanced zones for specific activites, PROBABLY arena fights, maybe some dungeon.
    They want to take the best of both worlds.

    No idea on the secound part, I don't think it was confirmed in any way, but we do have the notion that we have the traditional archtypes, namly the rogue, so you can assume that there will be some form of stealth. Who knows how they will implement it, or do a complet different take on stealth.
  • If there is gonna be stealth, i hope it will be from server side so there wont be abuse.
  • hopefully stealth is wow style not eso style
  • 1) I hope this game is fully open world. I think all indication is that they are working towards this goal.

    2) I've never been a fan of permanent stealth. Especially with the Caravan system they plan to implement. I'm hoping it's a temporary stealth system.
  • Yes, I agree on both your points. Fully open world, and temporary stealth.
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