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[NA]18+ The Revas Order RPVX/100% Elven/Community Building/10 years MMO Community

DezzRevasDezzRevas Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

What is The Revas Order?

We are community family, who has been playing many games together since 2011. The Revas Order is a diverse group with many different outlooks, who came together over time for a shared purpose. That purpose is to have fun first and foremost. We also strive to complete the toughest content available. Our leadership does their best to be at the edge of competency in the game play they specialize in. We are close knit community that considers its members family. Who better to watch your back? We have been community leaders in other games and intend on being very involved with our neighbors in whatever node we settle in. Revas has always had an rp lore story in games and will continue that tradition in Ashes of Creation. We are going to be a mostly Empryean Elf guild, but we encourage other Elves to join us in our adventures. In Ashes we will be focusing on developing around a science node to be top tier crafters and raiders with the best gear possible.

GM @Dezzrevas#2106
@Elli Skyborne#6027


Where to find us now?

We are currently playing many games but mostly in Final Fantasy 14 prepping to make a progression team.
In several of the Ashes of Creation test phases.

What we offer

Long standing community for over 10 years

Friendly environment for experienced and new players.

Member recognition (We aim to know every member who joins the family)

A chance to show how you have leadership potential and earn your position

Patient assistance when you need help

Helpful team to aid you in accomplishing your goals

Organization and planning

Who we are looking for?

Race: Primarily Empyrean Elves for the purpose of influencing our node to build in the Empyrean style of architecture. Also to aid the rp story building, as the guild story comes from mostly elves before the gates opened to save our people from the Three and their corruption. We are aiming for majority Empyrean Elves.

Crafting: Artisans who want to make a name for themselves by mastering their skills

PVE: Raiders wanting to find the strongest challenges

RP: Role players looking for a friendly community to explore character development and stories, as we bring civilization to the wilds of Verra

PVP: Anti Player Killers wanting to protect their community and destroy any threats that emerge

Mercantile: Merchants who want to have the best items to bring to market.

Our Goals

Have a full roster of at least 50 players ready to build a prosperous community as we find our place in the corrupted wilderness of Verra

Establish and guide a community to build a science node to metropolis stage

Be a competitive guild that will be a patron of our metropolis and participate in the leadership of our node

Broker stable alliances in our region for the betterment of our communities

Create intricate, immersive, and entertaining roleplaying experiences to enhance the joy of exploring Verra

Raid dungeons to challenge our skills against the best the untamed lands of Verra have to offer

Discover the best locations to attain the highest grade of materials to make the best gear

Become a household name for where to find the best gear

To be a guild known for willingness to aid the regional community

Participate in sieges to protect our node community or to overthrow threats to our node community

To be known by player killers as swift justice to their reign of corruption inducing murder

Be known as formidable foes to those who would wish us harm

Be self-sufficient, organized, and a reliable pillar of the community

To bring the fun wherever we go so it doesn’t feel like a job


  • DezzRevasDezzRevas Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    We are hitting 10 years old as a guild December 15th. Hard to imagine how far we have come.
  • GilrlobGilrlob Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Ive been in revas for about seven years, im hype for our guild to be the voice of Empyrean Elves. We at revas want to see our elven brothers and sisters flourish, we will be running lot events and Ill be assisting in protection of any revas members, either in land or out at sea.
  • OddObiOddObi Member
    This sounds so cool! I can't wait to see you guys in game!
  • ValorothValoroth Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited June 4
    As the leader of Aetherius I can say Dezz is a really cool guy I enjoy talking with about AoC and things in general. Very smart and offers something unique with The Revas Order. They have quite the history and if RP is your thing, you should check them out.
  • EvinissEviniss Member
    I'm looking for a guild. I have 20+yrs of mmo experience. I've never really RP'd in one as of yet. I plan on playing a Py'rai Falconer and would like to try. I love to craft and I hope to be one of the top crafters on the server I land on.
  • FaewitchFaewitch Member
    Only been a part of the guild for a little over a year, Revas is super friendly and very communicative about creating groups and gameplays! I’ve made many friends so far, and can’t wait to make more!
  • AdmiralWalrusAdmiralWalrus Member
    edited July 26
    Amazing guild, probably the best people you’ll meet in the MMO community.
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