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The Nine Paragons

AshesRagnarAshesRagnar Member
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[EU] | The Nine Paragons | [PvP/RP] | [Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore/Competitive] AGE:18+

What is The Nine Paragons
The Nine Paragons is a newly formed guild. We are looking for players that will be playing a rogue, and are looking for PvP content. The group will consist of nine rogues, each a different race.

Will primarily be on PvP, mostly Caravan raiding. But some aspects of PvE will be implemented to improve our gear, such as dungeons, world bosses, and raids.

How will we achieve these goals?
We will ally with another Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore guild. (So do not join any other guild, we all will join the guild that likes to ally with us.) To help each other with Rival guilds, resources, PvP, and PvE. Any guild that is interested in something like that, can message me for more discussions. we could provide manpower to the wars, and attack the enemy from where they would not expect, protecting caravans but we would most likely just attack others and bring the supplies.

What is expected from all members?
Online Activity 100% at least first week of the launch
Loyalty to the group and for the partnered Guild
Willing to improve on class and Gameplay
Willing to play as a team
Positive attitude
To be initiative
Dedication to the guild we need to stick together so we will become a strong and organized group of rogues.

My Discord: Ragnar#3204
I have Alpha-2 Access
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