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looking for fun missions

What would be the funniest mission?

individual missions:
kill 20 kobolds
collect 20 trees , rock ,fish.....
find the npc
go to point x
make a sword, helmet ...
enter and steal a map in a camp

for me
Death Race :a mission that requires 10 people without a group to go from one city to another as quickly as possible

group missions:
kill a boss
defend a village from an assault of beasts
raid a bandit tow
get materials in an instantiated pve

For me :
escort a caravan

What would be the funniest mission for you?


  • I like a good story. A quest i have in mind would be to find an npc randomly in a world, and talking to them you find out a camp of goblins stole something of theirs. You go fight the goblins but turns out they are connected to a cult that has a base in an underground temple (grouped dungeon). Then surprise, that npc you met at the beginning turned out to be the head priest of this cult and it was an initiation test to get you to join. idk, something fun like that would be great.
  • Have an illusion cast upon yourself to appear as another player, kill an innocent and pass the corruption & notoriety onto that player. Sit back and watch the chaos.
  • I would like if they would make different narrative paths and let players who chose different paths compete against eachother
    for example, some players get to choose to hunt unicorns for profit
    other players get to choose to protect unicrons from attackers, kill players who tainted themselves with unicorn blood and to taint unicron horns to make them uncollectable.

    This kind of mission would be cool because
    - it would let players play the way they want, to make their own story
    - it would let them fight the ''bad guy'' in their story
    - pvp is great
    - it would be challenging
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