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Bored Ape Final Club || Hardcore || PvP Focused

AffluentAffluent Member
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Hardcore Gaming Community
Guild Name: Bored Ape Final Club
Founder: Affluent
Co-founder: Henroast
Server: North America
Timezone: MST/CST/EST
Region: NA
Server: TBD
Discord: or

Hardcore guild that is looking to focus on PvP, large-scale PvP, and economy/crafting. Looking to be apart of a guild with heavy server presence? That is exactly what we are trying to build here. Highly organized guild, that is looking for dedicated members. We do NOT accept pure PvE players. We are however do accept pure crafting players. Guild ranks are simple and are as follows: Guild Master, Officer, Member. Officers are in charge of different sectors of the guild, ie. crafting officer. While we are a hardcore guild, toxic behavior is not welcome, we want this to be a welcome space!

We are a "Hardcore" guild, but players of all sorts are welcome if you are willing to put in the time. We understand that people have normal lives and cannot invest ridiculous amounts of time into the game. If you are a semi-hardcore player, reach out to us, we are also recruiting social members. We are looking for dedicated people, if you have never played an MMO before, don't shy away! We have experienced leadership and thousands of hours across various games. We want to be able to welcome new players and help them succeed in Ashes of Creation. Building a friendly, fun and engaging community is first on the list.


- Experienced Leadership
- Advancement Opportunities
- Voting Based Changes
- Dedicated Leaders/Members
- In-depth Guides
- Custom Discord Bots and Integrations
- Friendly Community
- Organized Raiding
- Organized PvP
- Guild Crafting Positions
- Guild Gearing Systems
- And Much More!

We are looking to offer even more to members in the coming months. We are always looking for ways to improve as a guild!


We have tons of goals that we want to achieve in Ashes of Creation, we won't limit ourselves to just PvP or one single thing of any kind. We want to become a force on our server. Here are some of the goals that will help us do that:

- Server first end game dungeon clears
- Server first end game raid clears
- Server first maxed out professions
- Server first metropolis node
- Owning and maintaing a metropolis node
- Economic control over our server
- Server first max level character


- Voice Comms || Microphone + voice chat.
- Launch-Day Rush || Willing to put 30+ hours a week at launch.
- Large-scale PvP Events || High attendance during open-world/sieges.
- Raid Attendance || If you are on a primary raid roster, high attendance is expected.
- PvP Attendance || If you are on a primary PvP roster, high attendance is expected.
- Non-Toxic || Toxicity is not tolerated.


In order to join you must submit an application.

Our application process is hosted over discord! There are a couple things that you must fill out and tell us. You can also have a member vouch for you. Members may only use vouches once a year. In order to begin filling out your application head over to our discord!

We would love to have you!

- Affluent, BAFC
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