Commission 3: Mystariel and Celemirion

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Mystariel and Celemirion by abrahamdavid


Third piece I commissioned of my Empyrean - Celemirion, alongside her cousin Mystariel played by faefoxes!

All rights belong to me and the artist! :smile:

Link below to abrahamdavid's DeviantArt



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    Both look ready for one of Napoleon's marches eastward.... Though Mystariel looks more-equipped for the march back westward than Celemirion - who likely would have frozen in the Russian winter, during the retreat!

    I also wouldn't have counted on Celemirion on making it through any kind of artillery barrage. Shrapnel is typically unkind to anyone not more-covered than the protection typically offered by "bikini armor"....

    Heroic-looking, nonetheless!

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