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Guild Gathering #10 - Guild vs. Guild Politics



  • Tools for navigating the politics of guild-to-guild conflict?
    Notifications and visual queues.
    Make a communications window, modelled after discords layout.
    - Have guild, guild enemies and allies look more formal.
    - Make a notifications icon, thats changes color depending on who sendt it.
    - Specific colors locked to guild, friends, enemies, and/or raid roll (healer/tank/dps).
    - Have zones of conflict be marked on the map by the guilds leader.
    - The same chat color over PC`s in regards to what roll they play.
    - Guild mark placed by players on the map, with a short message, that can be voted on by guild members for priority.
  • Q: What tools do you wish you had in navigating the politics of guild-to-guild conflict?

    A: I believe it would be cool to meld aspects of politics from the tabletop game "Twilight Imperium" with Ashes of Creation. This could add some depth for those who want to vote over fight. I would recommend the team play a few games and figure out how to meld the voting politics of Twilight Imperium. I am sure it would take some time to think about how to mmo-ify the tabletop elements. Such as finding a way to allow voting on node-wide buffs or "Diplomacy" effects (as referred to in Twilight Imperium). These Diplomacy effects could be a random selection of 3 from a wide pull of possible effects.
  • I think guild alliances should be created in person as opposed to typing in a search bar. The reason I think so is, for a role playing aspect, it would mean that the guild leaders would have to actually interact with each other and possibly create a need for networking with other players. It also would give a better reason for guild leaders to have flying mounts. If both leaders are in distant nodes they would have a better reason to fly to the meeting place.

    Disclaimer: I am not saying all interactions should be done in person, some should be allowed to be done over a global chat. But, forcing allied guilds to meet to have meetings and to alliance in the first place would create more player interaction which I know Ashes wants to do.
  • Just one thing, after the war being declared, you have a window of time like 24 hours or 48 that this rival guilds can attack each other in the open world
  • I believe that having some sort of high priority target list would be interesting, say for instance there are multiple guilds you are in opposition with. Being able to look and see which guilds are of more importance to actively sabotage would be nice. Something similar regarding allies, let's say there are two groups from different guilds being ambushed at the same time being able to look and see if one is of more importance to the guild and being able to prioritize a more important ally would be interesting.
  • OverthrowOverthrow Member
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    I'd like to be able to search a guild on my server and have a listing of characters who are points of contact-- not just the GM of that guild. Often the GM is very busy and I think it might nice to give guilds the option to appoint certain officers in game as an ambassador-- so you could PM them or send them in-game mail. Maybe even a small, public-facing information box so they could list their user id on Discord, give them an opportunity to describe their guild type, or just post a role play motto.
  • Darknezzz wrote: »
    -Alliance chat for the guilds in an alliance.

    -A Bounty System, where guild leaders can set a price for the murder of a rival guild member, during guild wars, and this member would be tracked for the ones who accepted the ''hunt''.

  • A bounty system for guild leaders to set on members of opposing/enemy guild's
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