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While the person providing the referral code receives an incentive, could the person using it also receive an incentive of some kind? I feel it doesn't make much sense to say, "Please use this code." "I'll give a reward." But the person that would use it gains nothing?


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    KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited November 2021
    I ran into this early on, years ago, when trying to get my friends to use my referral code. There wasn't anything in it for them. No 10% discount on their first purchase, no free month of subscription, nothing really other than them wanting me to make money off of them.

    So most of them didn't. They just made their own account, and then tried to refer other people, with similar results.

    It's lead me to conclude the referral system is mostly for content creators. They reach the widest audience and their viewers would likely be willing to use a referral code that benefits the content creator, even if it doesn't benefit themselves.

    I've never been a real fan of the referral system for several reasons, and the fact that AOC's referral system isn't like pretty much every referral program in gaming now, and doesn't offer an incentive for the user. What has resulted is everyone and their mom trying to force their referral code on everyone else. Always struck me as proof how limited their scope/idea was on it, and thus how it probably should have been more thought out.

    That being said, I don't have access to the actual numbers on how many referrals have been used. It could have been a screaming success and my "friends" just don't like me.
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    SongcallerSongcaller Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited November 2021
    I don't see why I should give someone with a referral code something for free when I have to pay for everything (except the bug report cosmetics which were free in all but time spent).
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    maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    how2pyramid scheme :D

    or not to... I guess.
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    JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    The purpose of the referral system is to either help content creators build a following, or to allow people who really want to play ashes, but really can't afford $15 a month to be able to pay for their sub.

    For my part, when I get my referral month I'll be giving away Pre-Paid Visa Gift Cards to people so they can pay their sub, I'll also be paying to create more music on my channel. This way everyone does sorta get something. Creating music is something everyone can enjoy.
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