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Should Intrepid Change the Ashes of Creation Cash Shop Model?

JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
As the Ashes of Creation development timeline gets longer, and the delivery date remains sometime in the future, do you think Intrepid should change the Cash Shop Model so that players can buy individual cosmetics without needing to buy the expensive pay-wall packs?
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  • DargronDargron Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    As a kickstarter backer, I have always had access to the individual cosmetics and didn't even realise this was a thing. As a result, I will say that I have purchased a couple of individual cosmetic items along the way that I would likely have never even considered had I been required to invest in a full pack to buy them. That's money Intrepid have that they otherwise wouldn't.

    Granted the opposite is likely also true, that there are people who have spent extra on a bundle for just one item, who would otherwise not have handed over as much money if the item was offered individually, but I suspect the lower entry fee of individual cosmetics would inspire enough impulse buying to more than compensate (micro-transactions became a thing for a reason).

    I see no reason why both bundles and individual cosmetics shouldn't be available to everyone. Let everyone buy the cosmetics individually, then make the bundles a way to either get a discount on the cosmetics if bought all together, or get the current extra bonuses like game time, Embers or alpha/beta access. You don't need to trap potential players with a big purchase that includes game time - if they have invested money into a cosmetic, they will presumably still want to play in order to experience that cosmetic in-game.
  • Agree with the video....
  • Well, just because it's the format pre-launch, doesn't mean that we won't necessarily have the option to get individual items/gear sets from the Cash Shop, once the game does launch.

    In fact, I just assumed we would be able to - like most other MMOs.

  • McMackMuckMcMackMuck Member
    edited December 2021
    As Steven pointed out the game is funded to completion and the intended release date was nearly two years ago. Beyond that date Intrepid already have more skins than originally intended so the cosmetic shop didn't theoretically need to continue. I'm glad that it has continued, but I agree that it should be reworked.

    I would be more likely to buy cosmetics if there wasn't a minimum $75 package presenting a barrier. Even the $75 package only unlocks the lowest skin level, I think.
    I'd forgotten exactly how it works, but I just went and checked here:

    So if I want to buy a costume I need to spend $375 to get everything that month and then I have the option to buy future costumes for $25?!! FUCK. MY. DOG! Not ever going to happen this side of a divorce. Sorry, I don't normally swear, but I left it in so you can gauge my emotions. Everyone has different circumstances but there will be a good percentage of the community that would buy some cosmetics if the barrier isn't set so high.

    Perhaps the individual skin cost should be slightly (20%?) cheaper for those have access due to having bought an appropriate level package? That way those that have committed to a package don't feel cheated.

    This continues to help fund skin creation, rewards those that commit to a package and additionally generates funds from those can't or won't commit to a package.

    Game release is still many many months away so buying a package would still be a good way to save money if you intend buying a significant amount of cosmetics.
  • To be honest I think a single piece of an armor skin should be $1 or $2. A full set should be $5 to $10 depending on how detailed or extravagant it is, and same for mounts. $20+ for skins in general is just greedy. That's 1/3 of a games box price that should include loads of content and all it gets you is a single skin?
  • I think the community should be able to submit art to the developers for mounts, armor, and weapons. Well drawn art could be modeled by the team and put into the game. The person who submitted the art and the developers could profit share. It would incentivize good artists to work and share their art. It would give the developer the chance to discover new artists they may wish to hire, and it would give the community more cosmetics which we may want to purchase and use as we play the game.
  • leameseleamese Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    im perfectly fine with cash-only cosmetic shop. it gives no extra power to the character or anything
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