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The Importance of Live GM's

PeggysuegotParriedPeggysuegotParried Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
After playing 1000 hours on New World, I can honestly say I have no idea what they were thinking trying to use automated report system and no way to take action right away. I have been praising Steven for his choice to use live GM's and only can hope he sticks to that course and have plenty of them.

These gold sellers, People who're scripting resources, aimbotting and so on... need to have a report that goes to the live GM and let them finish it. Now this will be time consuming at the start, but once they realise they can't get away with these shanigans it will make the game better for all of us.

Live GM's are now more important than they ever were with websites selling hacks, and gold and so much we don't know about. EAC is simply a annoyance and only keeps people who have no clue about cheating from doing it.

I will never understand how people can feel good about beating someone or acheiving something, knowing they used something to win.

To all the people who don't cheat,hack, or buy gold thank you and I look forward to gaming with you.

I'm counting on you Steven to right these wrongs that have ruined games for us for years!


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    mfckingjokermfckingjoker Member
    edited November 2021
    New world is different because they got like 200 servers or sth, so i dont blame them for not using active GMs.
    Also ashes will not be a cash grab, they definitely want to go for the long run so having GMs will be a thing for sure.
    Generally don't compare NW with ashes I saw a lot of posts doing that, they might both be mmos but they are extremely different in so many ways.
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    PeggysuegotParriedPeggysuegotParried Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    New world is a Triple AAA game just like AoC will be, AoC will be MUCH bigger in scope. New World was the example. many old school games had GM's and it was great, Many recent games have avoided it choosing not to care.

    I don't think New World is a cash grab personally, I have enjoyed playing it, just pointing out something Im looking forward to having again. In a year or so it might be a really good game, just not yet.

    New World is something to play why I wait for AoC.
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    VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    edited November 2021
    Yes I do look forward to smiting ToS sinners with my Mjölnir ban hammer >:)
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    I've seen bots go for years in WoW without intervention and they farm in the dozens in the same area -- with wowhead comments that are 4 years old describing the exact same bot activity. New World is saturated with bots, but hopefully the subscription model will help reduce that in Ashes.

    I don't mind if game companies can't catch every botter or exploiter-- I know it's not economical to maintain a huge customer support staff. I just hope Intrepid Studios will have at least one full-time player report investigator that will daily review videos and screenshots submitted by players and enter the game environment and combat the worst offenders until they give up. I'd also like to see these investigators act quickly! Don't just put it on a low priority list for design to solve someday-- instead ban those players and check back with the same spot later to see if they return.
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    Asmongold did a stream where he followed bots. Not having trial accounts can stop some botting and some gold selling. In the perfect world you would identify unique people before letting them create an account. What I mean by that is the company would have you send personal information to create an account. Like scan your driver's license to create an account. I realize there could be legal liabilities which no company wants, and many would view it as an invasion of privacy, however, it would keep a person who is banned from making a second account. Gold sellers couldn't just buy another copy of the game and continue their bad practices figuring it is worth taking the chance of being caught. I agree that have a live GM there is good. When world of warcraft first started we had live GM that would chat with you via whisper and help you with issues. If you do a follow command with bots it will mesh them up because the multi-box command doesn't work on you, and it throws them off. :smile:

    It would be nice if there was a way to capture hardware information from video cards or CPU so that the developer could capture the PC of the hacker/botter and make them buy a new rig each time. :smiley:
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    NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    There are of course several make or break parts to this game, but this is one of the absolute crucial ones to get right at and after release. From day one, we need a massive live GM presence on every server. Over time, as the population settles and the worst offenders are banned and exploits fixed, I can see they might be able to slowly cut back on the number of GMs per server. Hopefully the game is successful enough to grow over time to include more servers, so the GMs don't lose their jobs.
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