I know that what i suggest here probably at best is either a "We're already doin that..." or a "the devs already decided how summons will work..." sorta thing and i do understand how summons at least mechanics wise will work in that you will get to have 3 active summons that you need to have currently summoned to use your abilities kind of like the summons in ESO where as long as your summons are out you can use re press the key that you summon them with to enact certain abilities or perhaps it may even be there is the specific abilitiy to summon them and than several abilities after the fact that can only be used while they are out. all in all it sounds pretty damn neat but im curious in terms of what summons we can actually us like with they be limited by size or health or damage they can do or healing they can do or what? and more than that i think they should add the ability to summon in larger creatures if you give up one of your summons in that you can have say a stronger tank summon but at the cost of having a dps AND a healer summon meaning you can only have either the dps or the healer or could you limit yourself to one summon but have a crazy tough dps monster?


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    Almost no information on them yet.

    There was mention of a group of summoners getting together to summon a larger summons for siege type events.



    Summoners can collaborate to summon larger summons, such as Golems.[110]

    A siege summon will have an incremental size based on the number of summoners participating in that summon activity, with a maximum of eight.[111]
    The number of summoners participating in the summon will determine its overall size.[111]
    All summoners must be in the same party and the party leader must be a summoner.[112]
    The party leader initiates the summon and then takes control of it.
    Once summoned, the party leader cannot be changed.
    If the party disbands, the summon ends. There will be a grace period to handle disconnects.
    The party may also contain non-Summoners.

    It doesn't have to be just summoners, but it has to be a party led by a summoner with other summoners in it.[112] – Steven Sharif

    (Small note to the those running the wiki maybe add a link or add this to the summoner page)
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    hmmm well i hope that doesnt mean its ruled out and we just havent been told so yet that we can sacrifice being able to summon more than 1 or 2 to summon larger summons ourselves. still tho i gotta say i do fucking adore the idea of siege summons that acutally requires groups of summoners to conjure massive hulking beasts to attack castles and cities :D
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    Hello :)

    In fact there are already more information about the summoner, you can read it here : https://ashesofcreation.wiki/Summoner

    Summoners will be able to summon tank / DPS / healer summons. From what I understand, if a summoner is investing skill points in his summoning talent trees it will strenghten the summon(s?) and their skill(s ?).

    Thus we'll be indeed able to play a summoner focused on one powerful summon or several (up to three) weaker summons ! I don't know if it will be possible to switch from "one super-summon" to "several summons" with the same set of talents though... fingers crossed.

    About the size and so on... this is my favourite feature about summoners :D :
    Summoners summon different summons, depending on the class and augments they choose.[6][12]

    Zombies, skeletons and other undead creatures.[7][13]
    Corpses (potentially).[12]
    Some summoners may summon multiple things.[12]
    Other summoners may only summon one powerful thing.[12]
    Certain summoners may only be able to summon effects and/or temporary energies.[12]

    Which means according to the class / augments we'll be able to see a large number of different summons, and not always the same ones everywhere... it seems very promising to me!!

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    tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Interesting ideas.

    I also want to congratulate the OP for having sentences of 121, 41 and 72 words.
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