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(Fanmade Music) A Dragon to slay: Sogoth Manus

Oh, I am so excited to show you this piece!

I worked on this for 1,5 months! Composing, writing down the lore and videoediting took quiete a while...
and here it is!
I hope you enjoy it :)

*The bards takes a deep breath and whispers*

Sssogoth.... Manusss...

This song is about the "daemon serpent"(dragon) alias "Sogoth Manus". Dark colours were part of this beasts wardrobe, the scales as thick and heavy as an anvil. It had an aura obscure enough to silence every pickaxe hitting ore, darken the blaze upon guard towers and ever so hungry for souls to devour.

Sssogth... Manusss...
This thick-scaled tyrant had to fall in order to gain back a mountain the dünir once called home. In this bard-sung tale three dünir clans put their shields, runes and axes together to slay the dragon. I am sure you know them:
The Runeforge
The Ironguard
The Ramhearts
Tough lads with beards that resonate with stoicism.
*sips from the malt beer*
Shame I can't buy their brews down here... I wouldn't have the coins mind you... where was I ...... ah.....

From verse 1 to verse 3 the dünir find themselves in different battle situations.

You see: They prepared for a huge battle... but it takes a full blown war to take down the mighty daemon serpent Sogoth Manus! And if it wasn't for the forged alliance between the clans and the dünzenkell stoicism, no soul would have survived to tell about the gruesome war which started and ended with the mighty roar of Sssogoth... Manusss...

Winds stood still as the last whispers of the Daemon Serpent run through every groove inside the mountain downwards into the tale: SsssOGOTH MANUSsss IS SLAIN!
Echoing from the mountain peaks new horns resounded the fresh victory!
Up with your glasses: Ho!
Glory to the ramhearts axes! Ho!
Glory to the ironguards shields! Hey!
And glory to the runeforges magic! Now down with the brew!
*sips wholeheartedly*

aahh.... one thing...
Could somebody guess which material the dünzenkell horns are made of?
Well... There is a saying that if one of those three clans charges into battle, you can hear the roar of a dying dragon...
If that happens, I hope you stand BEHIND the dwarves..."

The picture material is from Intrepid Studios! I photoshopped photos from AoC and took screenshots from their videos and website.
The music material is entirely done by me!
Lore is done in cooperation with the Lords of Dünheim. Their links are here:

p.s. If you are a guild that wants music dedicated to their lore and actions pls feel free to reach out to me ;)

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