Content, or discontent

I enjoy holidays in game, especially now considering it’s hard celebrate anything anywhere last couple years.

Anytime you wanna pump out more content for me I am a happy camper, any kind any time!

I do prefer my holiday events external from day to day operations so if I care to tinker it’s not hard to access but if I just wanna grind it’s not in my way, or the mobs of participants more importantly. Usually leads to some cool “I was there” unlockables etc which should appease the guys who don’t care for the holiday itself since even Scrooge and the grinch like a free lunch.


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    Cord, or Discord
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    Beer, or Bearded?

    Oh, wait - Dwarves have both. 😉
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    Never a dull moment seeing a new forum-goer try to post something with a hidden meaning ... but then fall flat on the actual "hidden meaning" part and only project vacuous and patronizing.

    Free pass, though, for being drunk or distracted while typing. :)
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    I am content with my discontent at Intrepid's absence of new content for me to consume.
    What I have is a "me" problem, hunting round for morsels of content to digest.

    I accept that the best thing Intrepid can do, for many many months, is get the game systems written to the exclusion of many visible public activities.

    Until then it seems that the best we have is monthly theory crafting on what the latest cosmetics mean on an existential level. How does the mount feel about having a saddle and rider? Would the costume chafe in battle? What does the building skin get used on? Will the cosmetic shop payment model be updated?

    I would like to see the monthly "choose your own adventure" (Road to Verra?) start up again.
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