proposal for a system of abilities.

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Hello dear developers, I want to say thank you very much, you were able to collect everything that I like in the MMO and I hope that you will succeed. for me, your project means a lot and I would like to somehow participate in the creation of such a brainchild through an interesting proposal in the system of obtaining abilities and their pumping. The system that I want to offer you will be based on getting class abilities for completing different tasks and as a reward for killing different monsters. the stronger the monster or the more difficult the task, the stronger and better the ability. The strength of such an ability will depend on how often the character uses it. for example, in order to improve the fireball from level 1 to 2, you need to make 1000 damage, to increase the defense skill from 1 to 2, you need to receive 1000 damage under this skill, and so on. This system will open up a world of possibilities for players where they will gather in groups to search for rare skills, solve puzzles, and spend a lot of time to enhance their abilities in order to become real monsters and defeat everything that moves. I hope you see my message and you are interested in such a system.


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