Guild Hall Trophies that give buffs

Hey everyone,

Just an idea that many other games use but with an Ashes twist (might have been discussed in the past but I haven’t seen it).

What if Ashes had PvE trophies/achievements that guilds can display in their guild halls that would give a minor passive buff and in some cases and on use large buff with a long cool down.

Example: Guild takes down a world boss/raid level frost dragon. The guild can now display the head in their hall for a small passive frost resist buff. The guild also gets an item which on use has a larger % active buff for a sort period for all members around the person who used it? Like a banner of sorts.


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    unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    This has already been discussed as part of housing. Furniture will give various effects based on tier and quality. Nothing has been said about guilds being the mechanic that those buffs would originate from. Gatekeeping various buffs through guild membership was one of the things that killed the meaning behind guilds in WoW imo. Most only ever joined to get said buffs like exp and hearth cooldowns, and filled them with alts that were sometimes never played, but needed to be part of the roster for those benefits. I hope Ashes learns from those mechanics and goes another route so you don't have 300 person "rested exp and etc." alt guilds causing bloat.
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