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Lineage 2 assimilaritys/ Question

Hi Guys,

Had a few questions that I tried to ask them since a very, very long time ago.
I and my friends used to play Lineage2 for many many years on dozens of different servers, when we heard about somebody with a good historical background in Lineage is trying to remake a game with some things from Lineage 2 I was happily surprised and glad to get involved into this project.
Since then I and my friends are following all the updates very closely.

I have a few questions since I know that probably Steve won't be able even to hear or see my questions maybe some other employee at intrepid could add these questions someday.

1. Even today in my Spotify I have a list with all the songs from Lineage2 towns since I think is the most amazing MMORPG Playlist that I have ever heard, my wife, my daughter (3 years) even my mom (65 years) loves all the themes songs from all the Lineage 2 game. Would you guys consider adding something similar when it comes to in-game music to the game?

2. Most of the latest MMORPG's that I am playing chatting with any kind of NPC is on mute, they do not speak, you must read the chat box every time when you take a quest or do anything when you pass by an NPC making a sound or even saying "Hello stranger", anything at all I think would give the feeling of a living world ... Do you guys consider something like this as well?

3. In Lineage2 we had a thing that looked amazing in combat and later on even finding out that is a strong pillar of holding the market in place for most of the part was using SoulShots many times when farming, those soul shots where be used and eventually you had to restock. SoulShots would add a bit of enjoyment when farming and kept the so-called "Adena" (gold) at a certain value because you would always have to buy and restock your soul shots so you can easily farm. Does Steve taught about something similar in AOC or not?

4. Unique amazing good looking sets, I am going to add a link to a Vorpal Set that has some good-looking unique effects to the set, Would you guys think of adding some sets with some effects like this as well, or not?

5. My last questions ( I am really sorry for asking maybe some dumb questions ... just having the taught that somebody will make a game with some similarities to Lineage2 just makes me so thrilled ...)
A big part of Lineage2 END GAME was enchanting, will the enchant at the end game will be the same with % of success rate or no enchanting will be added to the game?

Thank you very Kindly, I am sorry If I had over surpassed my question limit but this is the most unique things that I think it would be amazing for AOC to have ... Please, if you can bring up any of these ideas to Steve he will probably remember about his time in Lineage2 and think about adding any of this features to the game.

Regards, And I wish you the best of luck moving forward with the project.

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  • maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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    Hi dude!
    I can answer some of your questions :)

    1. Bear McCreary will write music that Ashes of Creation will own - which means you can use the in-game music for anything! If Intrepid doesn't make an official Spotify playlist of Ashes music, then someone in the community will for sure! (Or maybe you could!)

    2. The last news we heard about Voice Acting was that it's really expensive to organize - but it seems voice acted greetings might be considered in the later stages of game development. More info here:

    5. There are indeed plans for Enchanting, I'm not sure how similar it is to L2, and it's a bit early to talk about enchanting systems, but you can read about it here:
    I wish I were deep and tragic
  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Moderator, Member, Founder, Kickstarter, Alpha One
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    Hi HpSupr3macy

    I looks like maouw has provided a suitable answer, so I'm closing this thread now. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out again.


  • Thank you Maouw for the answers you gave me.
    Hoping to see some cool things implemented into AOC ...
    Regarding the music .. I hope is going to be something close to L2.
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