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Hybrid Combat BLENDING Action and Tab

JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One


  • Action battle in rpg kills rpg. Agility for dodge? Resist stats end etc?? Action players already wants NW and they get this piece of ***. When I told, before beta, thet it bad for rpg, and 3 spells on panel it's not rpg, no one of my friends didn't listen me, they was shure thet action is fun. But now all of them don't play NW)))
    Separate players in game for action and tab is ridiculous. It's unreal to balance damage skill cup, stats, chances and etc so we will have meta where tab players will play action because its more profit, or vice versa.
    So I think best is tab system but some classes can take active skills to dodge, and some abilities to shot without target.
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