Music at the AoC

I ask you to create several musical instruments that players can play, probably you are planning to create them anyway, but I'm talking about something else .. For each type of musical instrument, there will be two types of games, one with support for the system (This will be a mini-game like Beat Saber) as well as free mode (like playing the harp in Genshin Impact) It would be nice if the player plays using the system and another player joins him, they begin to play one composition, complementing each other.
Maybe for the performance of certain melodies on holidays, players would receive awards for the quality of the game and the number of players in the "Orchestra" :)


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    From the wiki. Read it. Love it. Live it.
    The Bard archetype is intended to have musical abilities.[4]

    Bards may be able to play musical instruments, such as Flutes and Bagpipes.[5][6]
    Custom music creation (using the likes of the Music Macro Language) will not be present in the game on release.[7]
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