Resetting traps by players

I dont know if they allready planned something like this but i assume there will be plenty of traps and snares in the open world and dungeons. It would be cool if players themselves could re-set these traps. This would mean that players always have to worry about checking for traps in f.ex specific dungeons/farmspots. It would be always handy for groups to have a person who can clear traps/help avoid traps.

Group 1 entering a dungeon and stumbles into a trap. After recovering could reset the trap and continue inside. (If Group 2 falls into the same trap, maybe get a notification so that they can set up an ambush on group 2 or atleast be prepeared.)

Group 2 cant just freely follow the path of dead mobs inside. They have to check for traps to not spring the alarm for Group 1.
Group 2 could set the same trap for Group 3 etc.
Also Group 1 have to check for traps or take a chanse they are the first one there.

Also would be cool if traps where sometimes postive, activating a shortcut or something or a new route inside a dungeon.

What do you guys think.


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