Australian/Asian Servers?


Anyone know of any plans to create an Australian Server, or at least some hosting system whereby Australians, New Zealanders etc. dont have 300+ ping constantly. Many recent MMOs haven't given the Australasian region much consideration, and yes, there are fewer of us compared to EU and NA, but this will basically decide whether we can play this game or not.


  • Hi Vynvalor,

    Oceanic servers are being considered, heres a answer from the first Q&A

    8. Have Oceanic servers been in discussion?

    Yes they have. Depending on the demand in certain regions of the world, servers in that specific place will be taken under consideration. Intrepid will be very aware of latency issues .
  • Really Shunex? I thought it was already confirmed. But if it isn't, then its probably going to be NA, EU and Asia.
  • [quote quote=5221]Really Shunex? I thought it was already confirmed. But if it isn’t, then its probably going to be NA, EU and Asia.


    that quote is from the first Q&A, however it <em>may</em> still depend on population/ demand before its a sure thing i don't think they confirmed its a 100% sure thing, just that they are aware of the issues and are considering it based on numbers etc.
  • According to the Studio, there will be servers depending on population / demand (As Shu said), however this depends on the SEA/OCE communities to come forward and show their presence on the forums and Discord. Let your voices be heard so your servers may come to fruition!
  • Whenever I hear Asia/Australian servers
    Chinese Gold Sellers come to mind and an army of grind fest slaves macro and bot T_T
  • Australian here! also made a significant backing to the game. :)
    Quiet excited for it!
  • Dwarves are native to Australia.
  • =_= wait so every country in asia? philippines, malaysia ,china, japan etc?!
    -_- wow guess most of us will not understand each other, ALL OUT WAR between countries in ashes of creation!!! (asian countries)
  • Auto lock-on combat can kinda get away with it, but this 'hybrid' system has real time reaction requirements.
    We know from experience any sort of real-time attack/dodge style of combat feels very bad, if not unplayable on 250+ ping.

    It's a shame really because Ashes looks amazing and so promising. I've been waiting for a decent MMO, and having found this I was considering pledging the $500 package for the life-time sub, but then i saw they hadn't confirmed any Australian servers and now i'm just disappointed as i feel i've hyped up over nothing, as without them the game will be barely playable.
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    god i hope Australian servers are a thing literally the only thing stop me from paying $500 >.< also pretty standard thing that Aus/NZ player base wont boom until at least some kind of interest have been shown not saying the devs arent doing anything its just how we are nobody wants to waste money on something that might look good then turn out to be unplayable(high latency) as we have very little MMO games we can actualy have low ping in 
  • The more servers the better really, depending on demand they will most likely provide for the player base :3

  • StevenYesterday at 11:56 PM

    @Unknown there will be an oce head start

  • StevenYesterday at 11:56 PM

    @Unknown there will be an oce head start
    Great to hear!

  • StevenYesterday at 11:56 PM

    @Unknown there will be an oce head start
    What? Why?
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    Why did he respond? Because during the impromptu Discord Q&A yesterday he said that they might only have 3, or 2 headstart servers. I started rabble rousing that if there were only going to be two, then of course they would be NA and EU, and OCE would get screwed. He saw those posts and clarified that yes, there will be an OCE headstart server. Which, if you follow the logic trail, confirms that there will be OCE servers. So, if you own a package that contains headstart, you will not have to join an out of region server to use it.
  • YAY,  :)   i think a server in Singapore or Hong Kong would service the entire Asia PACregion well.
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