What currently planned features would you be happy to have delayed from launch?

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Just a thought, there is so much planned for launch and some features that appear to me as not so critical. I would not be one bit upset if the developer`s were to follow though with those features with the next update or two.

That being said, if NW is a reasonable reference from the a recent AAA launch, perhaps the first few months will be stress testing with a larger volume of players and reveal issues that perhaps the beta players will not come across and that time initial time will be focussed on fixing issues / bugs.

So any pre-prepared additional content added soon after might be good to keep the masses engaged as things work out.

Any thoughts?


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    SylvanarSylvanar Member
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    I am happy to hear that not every one wants everything to be implemented from the get go.

    As far as I am concerned and understand,
    - AoC is going to be one of the most complex MMO out there. So introducing the games in steps would help players understand the game more naturally.

    - The features that I would want implemented pre-launch are the core features along with some features which can keep players engaged while new stuff would be introduced. This will help release the game early, lower the number of bug fixing required and the following updates would feel more impactful.

    - For example: Naval content - It is going to be a big part of AoC but is it really necessary from the get go? As this would be a complex system to design and implement. Thus it can be a part of a big update and keep people anticipating as well.

    - Fancy stuff like parkour discussed in one of the threads would have more impact if introduced later on as opposed to from get go. Why? If it is from get go, it would be norm for everyone and after sometime it wont garner much attention as everything else will be new as well then. If it is introduced later then it would be a change and feel more impactful.

    There are quite some stuff which can be introduced later as well.
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    The Family system. Although, I'd rather it was just removed completely.
    This link may help you: https://ashesofcreation.wiki/

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    KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I don't think a reasonable person, and even many unreasonable people if they take a step back and think about it, want Ashes to push an earlier a release at the expense of unfinished or broken aspects to it.

    I've mentally already chalked up most of the Kickstarter content to be "post-launch" additions, and would be pleasantly surprised to see them included at launch, but not upset to see them not.

    What they DO need is:
    -All races (yes, even Tulnar, because people will want to not wait to make their character)
    -Character Creator
    -Combat (including skills/augments, weapons and armor combinations)
    -Node System (including citizenship, housing, freeholds AND Castles)
    -Crafting/Artisan system.
    -Guild Systems, including sieges/wars
    -Trade/caravan/naval system (I included caravan and naval system as "one" system, or at most "two systems married" considering how connected they are. We've been told we will see this in Alpha 2)
    -Raids/dungeons/world bosses
    -Quests, events and tasks
    -PVP arenas
    -Customizable UI (probably not on most people's lists, added this one for myself mostly)
    -Probably something I missed or something from the list below, and will be informed about below.

    What can wait (in my opinion, mileage will vary)
    -Social organizations
    -Parlor games
    -Expanded emotes
    -Expanded naval/trade system
    -Underwater content
    -Stock Exchange
    -Leaderboards (yes, I know, getting hate for this, but we all know you keep track yourself anyway)
    -Achievement system.
    -Again, probably something I missed, or something from the list above that I will be informed about below.
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