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“Mother… Mother?” *sob* “Mother where are you?” a young boy weep, confused and scared.

“ssshhh, I’am here my son” she silently utters while covering the boy’s mouth with her hand, trembling in fear and cold. Covered by the shadow of a crumbling wall, A creature lurks in the background sweeping… red glaring eyes…

*the creature sniffs the air*

When she saw a chance, she hastily ran like dogs chasing after them, grasping her breath whenever she can.

“Mother, where’s father?” the boy asked while clinging to his mother, but the mother is deafened by fear as the creature chasing them is fast approaching.

Tripped by rubble, the mother and son fell to the ground. Prepared to face death, she embraced her child as she turns her back to the ferocious creature.

“Aercai imnal!” (Protective Shield) While running towards his wife and son, the vanguard once again called upon the aid of the ancient spirits, “Naur Gador!” fire engulfed the hungry beast.

“It won’t last long!” he shouted “Go to the central chamber! It is almost complete!” he urges his wife to make haste as the creature breaks free.

Painted in blood, the teleportation circle is almost done. She kneeled into the circle while embracing her son, waiting for her husband to arrive.
*after a few moments, a shadow arises from the hallway*

*growling* with bloody fangs and bleeding left eye, the ferocious creature is slowly approaching, intimidating and menacing.

She wept as she saw a sword buried on its back, it was her husband’s sword.

She grabbed a broken glass, cut her finger and completed the circle. The circle glows for a moment and almost immediately went dim.

*she realized…*

She stepped out of the circle, looked at her son in the eyes and smiled.

“Min mel cin…”

*the circle glowed brightly*


~A new day in the old world~


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    So sad... but so good!! Nice!!
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    Wow! That was excellent, good job :). Sad indeed though...
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    AWESOME :D that was a real cool story good job.


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