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Should PARKOUR be available to ALL classes in Ashes of Creation?

JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One


  • Parkour... from what I seen in this video of steven crossing through the caves, would say leave it like it is but just polish the animations a little. Have areas that are climbable but definitely not free scale like AC.... Getting ranger sniped or mage blasted from some perch point that took a player two mins to climb to and then gank people is broken. Restricting mobility to class specifics is also broken and creates a meta... Meta BREAKS GAMES look at ESO and its down fall from proc sets... Balance is the key to a great MMO....
    simple Jump and climb as the environment is designed and everyone can do it... IS ALL you need out of an mmo...
  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I don't understand why either of those things are "broken."

    'Broken' implies something that doesn't work as intended, such as a broken window fails to keep the wind out and a broken bow string fails to shoot an arrow.

    An archer or a mage shooting at a climbing figure isn't broken any more than an archer or a mage shooting at a figure standing in a field is broken.
  • I think parkour is an unnecessary feature...I agree with some of what is being said in the video.

    If parkour is class specific than other classes need a way to interact with the environment like cutting trees to create roadblock or digging holes/trenches, etc. Otherwise it creates an imbalance as some classes will have more freedom with their environment as opposed to the rest.

    But the thing about sieges is that, those 3 extra levers he talked about, they are basically more objectives for defenders and attackers to take into account while planning the event. I don't think it would be bad thing entirely but it would need to be planned properly so that the gates don't become meaningless.

    At the end of the day, if done for cosmetic reasons, it can be done post release. If done with gameplay impact in mind, then it would be a needlessly complicated feature with design changes to various core aspects aside from tons of terrain modifications and some unforeseen consequences. So I just dont see just how parkour is feasible.
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  • tautau wrote: »
    I don't understand why either of those things are "broken."

    Broken here implies that it would become too powerful of a thing by itself. For analogies sake, Not "broken" as in a broken window but "broken" as in bullet proof glass against pistol.
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  • bloodprophetbloodprophet Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I think it might be the rogues archetype "special" ability. Like the mages reveal and the clerics cleanse.
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  • If a mage can teleport over an obstacle i think its fine thiefs can climb.
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