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Creating a character before Launch

edited January 2022 in Support & FAQ
Does anyone else want ashes to release there launcher so that we can build our characters so once the game does launch, we have a character were happy with cosmetically? Am I the only one who spends hours customizing every little detail on the characters?


  • I like this idea. I always play MMO's on day one and I always rush my character creation....I cant help myself!

    I would love to spend that kind of time making my character, but I know how important it is to rush along with the other players doing he same.

    When you get to the endgame, you know most of those players. Plus a guild always forms up to tackle the first raid...Those are the players I want to play with, and that's why I don't join a guild before the game launches, and find a new guild with every MMO.
  • ShadonSolShadonSol Moderator, Member, Alpha One
    Steven has mentioned that there's a possibility for early access to the character creator prior to launch.
    I'm sure many people would like that too, myself included.

    I'm going ahead and closing this thread now, but please feel free to reach out again if you have any more questions!
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