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Sometimes less is more

RageclawRageclaw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
Yea i know its bit late after A1, but something just came up on my mind again

The weapons and the horrible experience of its leftclick combo. It wasnt just too flashy, but also too fast and produced an explosion of smol numbers on my screen

It felt horrible, absolutely unrealistic, no immersion, no idea what happened on the screen and which attacks was which number connected to. Maybe its just me as I trained with staff/sword when I was younger, but it would be much more satisfying to have slower, clear attack animations, with tuned down flashy stuff. 4x hit for 30 results in same dps as 12x hit for 10 within same time frame, but less sense overload, less screen clutter and more immersion

Most of 2h weapon speed was acceptable, bar the 2h sword. Now the staff was absolute clusterfuck of particle effect, probably the worst and most of 1 weapons ignored laws of physics (from movement animations I dare assume mass and momentum are a thing in Vera)



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    I didn't participate in testing, but I was aware that it was a server test rather than a content test.
    Perhaps the faster attack options loaded the server with more processing per second?
    That said, all constructive feedback is worth making to hopefully ensure that Alpha 2 starts in a better place than where Alpha 1 closed.
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    RageclawRageclaw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    oh Absolutely, but even in integration phase some user feedback was provided regarding to forward push and movement locking and levitating with bombastic effects for fart size fireball cast

    This is one of those things that we can catch early on
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