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Demolition Crew [NA] [PvX] [Competitive]

Demolition Crew [NA] [PvX] [Competitive]

Demolition Crew is a former WoW raiding guild established in 2014. We raided semi-hardcore for the last couple years, and decided to quit WoW as the game was no fun for any of us anymore. Now, we are looking to be highly competitive in AoC, both in PvP and PvE.

Our goal is to achieve tons with our guild by being highly organized and efficient, in order to reduce the stress on our individual players.

We are currently looking for core members for our guild. This includes leadership positions and potential core raid spots.
  • Cohesive officer core that has been working together for years
  • Clear goals and communication
  • Years of MMO experience behind our team
  • Huge amounts of planning- we started recruiting before beta after all.
  • Friendly environment
  • Social Atmosphere

Interested? Join here:



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