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Auction Houses - Should They be REAL AUCTIONS?

JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One


  • Please no fast travel for crafted item delivery. Make every physical object travel by player, player mule or caravan.
  • RepkarRepkar Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    McMackMuck wrote: »
    Please no fast travel for crafted item delivery. Make every physical object travel by player, player mule or caravan.

    Agreed, I would love it if there was an option at the bottom of the auction house screen that says, "hire a caravan" or "pick it up," where you pick it up with your own caravan(cheaper). If selected, the caravan order gets placed and players can pick it up for gold and bring the item to a "mail house" in the city the item was purchased in. By doing it this way you are involving many players and getting gold out of the game (always thinking of ways to nerf gold bloat).

    With the above proposed idea, I disagree with having to travel to other towns to purchase different items, just have a tabbed auction house 1 tab for each town and if it isn't your town you have to pick up the items or hire people to bring them to your mail house.

    Now the question becomes, "what happens if your caravan is attacked?" This could be solved with a ranking system, and hiring higher caravan ranked players would lower the chances of losing your stuff you ordered but would cost more, and obviously lower ranked players would cost less, but if they were able to bring you the items, their ranking would increase.

    The above ranking system could create an entire form of gameplay that I personally would love to be in the game. Just imagine a whole game path designed around ranked caravan play.
  • fabulafabula Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I agree on no auto-delivery of any item. I don't see the point of a caravan though, as far as I know gear cannot drop and we are talking about gear here or what does "crafted-item" in this context mean?.

    If gear cannot normally drop then why put it on a caravan, does this gear now become dropable like a regular caravan item? or will you have special rules for these "delivery caravans". You are then creating 2 caravan systems, one that will drop a few of the materials and one that will drop complete items... can you guess which one will ALWAYS be attacked? and you can't even defend it otherwise why would you choose to put it in this caravan instead of carrying it yourself since that would remove any risk of dropping it.

    Special rules and edge cases for any system is a bad idea. Non-craftables have to be picked up therefore finished goods have to picked up. Any special rule that gives you auto-delivery to your mailbox is just waiting to be exploited because it skips the whole movement of goods from one place to another which is the whole point of the caravan system.
  • Jita life , here we come.
  • Players need to make the Caravans, so having a "click to dispense Caravan" option (costing gold) would deny some gathers, processors and crafters (including animal husbandry?) their work.
    A Caravan without a "big enough" escort is an easy target, so the user would need to organize a player based escort team.
    What I'm trying to say is that Caravan's need a lot of organization to create and operate.

    I have no doubt that the Caravan creation trade will be profitable, because Caravans will need making, repairing and replacing frequently. It's the only trade that needs itself to move bulk goods to make more, I think.
  • so someone can technically grief others by selling them something cheap and kill them right after giving them the item outside the city walls and put it on sale again...

    some will come and say "durrr hurrr dont be teddybear that is no griefing that is just a pvp if you dont like it dont play open world pvp"
    that is nonsense, everything must have its place.
    you like to go to bathroom but you dont like someone doing it on your couch.
    and selling something for cheap and killing the buyer after receiving the money repeatedly
    IS a misuse of the mechanics of the game and griefing in my eye.

    so what is the solution? items should magically apear in your inventory? NO
    let me suggest few solutions :
    1: delivery via airship and other transports but it wil be safe. the PATH of the delivery should be safe itself and the buyer and seller must remain anonymous to keep their identity.

    2:pick it up or have someone else pick it up by their caravan (people can make money by delivering packages like this) but also the same rules must apply, buyer/seller must remain anonymous & their name safe.

  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Unless you are red (corrupt), you do not drop items upon death, only materials. So, if you sell them something and kill them, they cannot drop it.
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