MOBS/ENNEMIES we might encounter in ashes of creation

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I wanted to give my perspective, as a long time veteran WoW player with many gladiators, top 1 of ladder achievement and more, to talk about the topic of what interests most of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances which always revolves around how does the combat encounter from the opponent’s point of view will play out. I was wondering if there would be a challenge, with mechanics linked to each species of monsters which could combine to make mortal combos on you mixing crowd control from a wolf’s howl and the piercing dmg from an hawk charging right through you with no way to evade it at this point, forcing you to play on the edge of your seat when travelling the hostile territories.
These were but mere examples of the true intent of this post, by that i mean that everyone I have had discussions with tend to say the game is boring from an mob’s point of view, with some games having simple melee attacks which will do barely anything and I hope ashes acknowledges that point and works toward making every fight worthwhile.
I wanted to give some ideas but throwing out the facts game designers for the AI that controls those mobs could have many abilities akin to their real life counterparts. If every mobs can feel like an actual living creature, the player will feel in danger and like doing extreme sports or going to the amusement park, these kinds of events is what keeps the interest to an open world with barely any quests (from what i have heard).
Genshin impact is one of those very successful games which managed to give their ai the toolkit to make a fight worthwhile while adding more dangerous monsters as you get more experienced in the game. This then leads the player to maximise they’re team and gear to overcome the challenges they are faced with.
I hope the team reads this message and work towards making the content from a fighting none players perspective still be involving and not a grind.
Thanks for reading, if anyone wants to add anything to what I have said, you are welcome to comment on my post about it and help further this aspect of the game.


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