Guild Dungeon Gates

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During my early L2 days, there was a clan that had near round the clock groups manning the entrance to a particular dungeon that were denying entry to anyone or group that wanted to enter outside their own crew.

Similarly, in open beta, there was a group that manned the wharves so nobody could board the boat to get off the starter island.

So, unless your group was highly powered or your timing was luckily enough to sneak past, then the dungeon was off limits while that clan held power.. Diplomacy help for some guilds but for most the great XP and drops from deep in that dungeon were just a distant dream.

Then years later, Everquest Next had (if I recall correctly) destructable landscapes such that those mining could actually tunnel their own dungeons. Go big and it might lead to treasure, go deep and it might lead to harder mobs etc.

Both aspects, I had high hopes something similar was able to be replicate in a more recent MMORPG.

Alghough for now (and probably future) AoC will not have destructable lands, an angle that I had always thought that might work was

a) Mining Expanded / Accessed Areas
Areas and regions of dungeons expanding opening up after considerable amounts of mining and perhaps close off (collapse) if not maintained. More PvE effort by mining and perhaps other crafts, the more it might expand and the bigger, deeper, and more riches. And I mean alot of mining, perhaps hrs.

*NW kind of does this a little in some of their zones where a sole person cannot break through the wall as it regenerates too fast, and large teams are required. But much harder for AoC

b) A guild installable gate
Should there be plentiful dungeons, and a guild has gone to all the effort to create a deeper, more dangerous, more plentiful dungeon, then perhaps they can install / build a gate.. which equally requires a large team, over a considerable time to tear down, alerting the clan that it is under attack when damaged.

Just a thought!


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    I don't think allowing groups of players to block game content from others is a good thing.
    There are many casual players who will not have options to do that content.
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    SongcallerSongcaller Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    There must be an option to protect an area, especially when the area is contested. It would be difficult to lock down an area for 24 hours, 7 days a week. You could always scout for other places to raid and gear up horizontally. You could then take the contended zone or just forget about the place. The map will be large.
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    There will be catacombs if a divine node is able to reach a metropolis. This is the mega dungeon. I don't think there will be a guild gate. It is funny with the release of wow classic I believe on one server that a guild was able to hold off people from doing this one resource for an event. They had hundreds of players block the area to protest the actions of another guild. There are no starter islands in this game so I don't think what you are suggesting will be a problem in this game.
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