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Hello, I am a French player. :*

I have been a huge World Of Warcraft fan and PS5 too.

What I'm going to write here, I don't know if it's the right category, but hey, I'm new to the forum.

The only thing I want to tell you is:


That's the only thing I ask of you!

I just wish that the creators of Ashes play their game, listen to the players and take our opinions into account.

I trust small studios, smaller than blizzard anyway, to show us what developers with "passion" mean.

Me the only thing I want is to be able to watch a game that is beautiful and that I am happy to connect because the environment will be beautiful and the graphics as well as the story.

You had planned to be able to make men-animals, it seems to me, I hope to finally be able to have an MMO where you can play minotaurs, gnolls, wolves or other creatures.

And please let us be customization, even if it takes 1 hour to create your character it doesn't matter, I want to be able to not look like everyone like in WOW.

And last thing, don't do stupid and mean farms that make people sick and annoy them every time they have to say to themselves: "Okay, 4th reroll, let's go there and farm the reputation for several hours.. ."

Oh and... you don't get bought out by a multinational that will drive you crazy and treat the employees like shit.


It's a bit pathetic, as a paragraph, but really, I hope that you will finally blow a wind of novelty and passion on MMOs, many of which remain on their past glory.


A tired wow player

PS: I want developers with the flame of passion! I count on you! <3


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    NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

    They have the passion for sure. As for the men-animals, as you write, do you mean the Tulnar? They won't be like minotaurs or gnolls or wolves exactly, but they should have bestial features.

    They will also have a very detailed character creator where you can spend hours designing your characters. Before release even, so you are ready from day 1.
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    AtamaAtama Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Yeah, we don't know with 100% certainty exactly what the Tulnar will look like. We presumably can make "beast men" (and women) but I don't know if that means you have an actual animal head, or you just can pick fangs and animal eyes, and/or choose between fur and scales. It's really not known.

    The best info we've had was a silhouette showing body shapes, but then learned that the graphic is no longer a representation of what they'll look like. :s
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    KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
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    Yes I had seen that one of the developers said that it would look like anthropomorphic.

    All I hope is that we can make unique characters.

    Because WOW is good, but it stagnates and it stays in nostalgia.

    Must admit that if the developers could allow this kind of thing it would be great
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    Bienvenue dans la communauté. Levez les pieds et profitez de la conversation. La bière est là-bas.
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    Hello! The game is self-published i.e. no corporates such as Activision looming over development and influencing decisions.

    Steven is a long time MMO player so the hope is that he will apply alot of elements of MMOs that we miss and loved to the game, and alot of that is present with the information that we have.

    Alpha 2 will be a huge milestone as there will be alot of fleshed out features and content and it will run for longer than A1, fairly constantly until Beta so that will be the real test for Intrepid to see if they can make the dream.
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    Hello and welcome! :)
    This link may help you:
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    Well, we'll see what happens, because there, big companies accumulate errors and failures.

    For proof there on console I only play games at the moment from a small video game company.
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