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[NA] United We Stand | PvX | Adult Gamers | Est. 2003

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[NA] United We Stand | PvX | Adult Gamers | Est. 2003

Welcome Ashes of Creation community! United We Stand is actively looking for new members to join us in our adventures in the world of Verra. We are looking to build a dedicated mature community for Ashes that will provide a fun, interactive, stable core group of members to engage in all sorts of Verra shenanigans. We extend our invitation for you to fight and grow a world with us! We host a non-toxic environment and are willing to help skilled and new players alike. Whether you are a no-lifer or dedicated worker/schooler we want you to help us make Verra better. So come join us after school, work, or power nap and enjoy gaming with us to form great friendships, memories, and above all have fun.

💠 Our community hosts a large array of members from all over the world. Most reside in North America and UK/Europe. Members must be 18 years of age or older. Many of our members are in their 20-30s.

💠 Everyone in our community is equal. We do not sort members with military ranks but rather provide role advancement based on activity. We also have a dedicated group of staff members to help with all issues and to resolve any disputes.

💠 We not only wish to set a foothold in Verra, but we also support many other games/genres. We play several first-person shooters like EFT, Battlefield, and Apex Legends. We also have a strong dedicated D&D campaign with great DMs. And…while we wait for Ashes release you can play New World…with us of course!

WE ARE NOT going to require you to go through hell just to join our community. No harsh interviews or obnoxious steps to maintain membership. Gaming and making friends should not be a job, but an escape to relax and enjoy. God knows we need that nowadays for a variety of reasons. We look forward to meeting you!

💻 Website:
🎤 Discord:



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    Feel free to direct message me or post below for any additional info/questions/concerns. Also, feel free to visit our Discord and hang out! Thank you all. Have a great day!
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