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[NA] Reverence | PVX | Casual | Player & FUN Focused | New Guild | Discord Link Attached!


Who We Are:

Reverence is a new and upcoming guild being built from the ground up. The guild’s goal is to be player and fun oriented. While casual, the plan is to recruit active players who are looking to treat Ashes of Creation like a game to be enjoyed rather than a chore. The cruel reality is most people work and don’t have the time to commit to intense raiding schedules. You won’t have to quit your job to be in this guild! If you're looking to connect and make good friends, then this is the guild for you!

What We Offer:

-We want to help you play how you want!
-All races and classes are welcome! There is absolutely no requirement for you to play what you don’t want to play. In other words, play what and how you want!
-We value and respect your time.
-Organized Discord channel
-Premium Discord bot
-Reaction role selection
-A safe & welcome place to have fun
-Current boost level: 1
-A fully operational economy system (virtual marketplace using virtual currency earned within the server)
-Scheduled Events / Raids (eventually!)
-Raid schedules made to fit around work schedules
-In-game events & Discord server events

Guild Goals:

-Recruit active players
-Develop raiding schedules & assign raid leaders
-Schedule in-game & Discord events
-Develop a node.
-Establish a guild hall on guild land

Guild Mission:

-Have fun!
-Support one another!
-Achieve individual and guild goals.
-Actively participate in server events.


-Friendly – We’re all adults. Let’s act like it!
-Must speak and understand English. No mic needed (but is encouraged!)
-Must follow the rules listed on the Discord server

Come join our thriving friendly community! You are welcome here!

-Reverend [GM: @[Reverence] reverend146]

Discord Link:

Discord Link (but a little more cool):



  • MaushainMaushain Member
    edited April 21
    Shake the dirt of the road off ya, an’ come on in our #tavern for a bit conversation. We got a Bard, and a few games of chance to help ya pass the time. We look forward to Merton’ ya.
  • We're starting ESO guild nights to get to know one another and bond as a guild! If you're looking to make good friends to adventure with in Ashes of Creation, this is the guild for you!
  • If you missed out on ESO last night, don't worry! We'll have ESO nights at varying times in the future moving forward so everyone can play.
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