In games where the world is BIG and traveling by foot or mount takes a good while, Faster travel is often used to eat up big chunks of travel distance while the player is multi-tasking IRL. Flight paths, Porters, Stage Coach, Ferry's etc are all forms of travel that are automated, and usually cost money for a ticket, or you have to wait for it to arrive.

One of the things that really helps us as a player, is the Music and Scenery during this travel time.
Maybe we're eating lunch and just watching the world go by at we travel, or maybe we turn the music volume up while we are in the next room cooking, folding laundry, etc.

All this is to say, the travel music and arrival horns give the player an audio que, that Faster travel is currently still happening or has ended - so we're not standing around at the other end of a flight path, or a dock somewhere vulnerable to attack!

Below are youtube links to Final Fantasy eleven's Faster travel as an examples. Hope this helps!

-FFXI Airship to Kazham, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zajsmvQgkI8

The very dangerous Ferry which you can fish from during the trip, travelers hide below deck so they aren't killed by any Notorious Monsters the Fishers up top may catch, or NPC Crossbones pirate attack!
-FFXI Ferry from Selbina to Mhuara with Pirate Attack! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wuppqlt6js

Renting a Chocobo Porter, an automated ride down the connecting roads to a selected destination you've been to before, where you've talked to the Chocobo Porter to unlock that destination.
-FFXIV Chocobo Porter, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqlxwAzP5zA


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    CROW3CROW3 Member
    I think we should add more percussion at an increased tempo when we mount up, think when Mario jumps on Yoshi. :D
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