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Creation of EU/ Uk based Guild

Good day to everyone who is reading this and welcome to my discussion which will be talking about my guild which I will be creating when Ashes of creation goes fully live.

Firstly the name for the guild hasn't been decided yet I would like to give the opportunity for the guild members themselves to decide what the guild should be called this vote will take place in the near future when Guild members numbers will be increased hopefully.

Secondly the guild will be playing through all testing phases such as alphas and betas and try and make an impact within the world itself such as protecting and Node or contributing to it what so ever the guild like focus on both PVP and PVE .

Finally we need dedicated players who are willing to put the time in and farm skill trees which will benefit the entire guild this includes blacksmithing taming leather working etc. Everyone should be looking to benefit each other and work towards the guilds goals. One of the main goals of the guild is to control one of the nodes and turn it into one of the main city's within the game world.

I hope you consider joining us if you are wanting to join please comment bellow and we can talk about you joining us cant wait to meet you all ;)


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