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Hi There!

Hi everyone,

I'm ISS and semi-new to the community. MMO's are my favorite genre ever sense coming to the pc.
I stumble upon this game from two Youtubers <a href="">@DeathsProxy</a> and <a href="">Cryy</a> that got me interested and so hyped for this game (mostly from DeathsPorxy). I look forward to joining everone in this new community :)


  • <set's up a sneaky makeshift table in the shadows of the realm and puts on some hot tea>

    Greetings new one,

    so you wish to wander the twilight? The world in between the light and dark? Sit, drink, take in the world you will leave your pawprint in. As you might now, there is a hidden door, <a href="">leading to another realm</a>, rich with information, predictions and pieces of news that might reach your ears there first to set up your stealthy plans.

    Enjoy your tea

    Grisu aka. Zekece
  • Welcome mate, hope you come join us on discord where the real hype train is :P
  • Welcome to the community :)
  • Hai ISS! Btw, its "DeathProxy" not "DeathPorxy". xD But welcome to the forums. As already said above (IDK if you already have, but), remember to join the games official discord! We're happy to see new people around :D. Once again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay :D
  • So didn't see that i miss spelled that but thanks for the welcome, ill be sure to join the discord!
  • <picks up the cup off the makeshift table and take a sip>

    Thank you for the warm welcome and invite I'll be on discord to introduce myself!
  • Can't wait to get on that train, thank you so much!
  • [quote quote=5222] “DeathPorxy”. <img alt="?" src="" />


    However, "DeathPorxy" has an interesting ring to it...
  • I S S !!!

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